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08 July 2014 @ 07:44 pm
kaydeefalls has an excellent Natasha post-Winter Soldier vid: We Will Dance. This is the vid I hoped we'd get after the film! (They've also done Steve and Bucky vids. Aww hell, just watch all their vids. You won't regret it.)

David Aja tweeted that Hawkeye #19 will be out on July 30th! And I am going to need this Phil Noto Black Widow cover in my life.

There's a masterlist for the Clint/Natasha Remix Exchange on be_compromised. Just in case anyone on my f-list doesn't already know *grins*. I'm working my way through.

JK Rowling has written a post-epilogue Harry Potter article from the pen of Rita Skeeter. You can read it HERE if, like me, you long ago gave up on Pottermore. It doesn't tell us much we didn't already know.

Doctor Who series 8 scripts have been leaked (no spoilers in article). *sigh* These things give me this reaction: Please don't spoil people. And by 'people' I mean me. And by 'me' I mean I will be angry faced.

Oooh, by the by, I have watched all of Agents of SHIELD and now can no longer be spoiled! Diving into the fics and vids and extras and wonderful, but obviously the fervor has died down now, so if anyone has recs or links to things they loved please do share :)

At least in the UK you can now pre-order the Art of Level 7 Agents of SHIELD variants! For anyone who doesn't know what this is, a group of great artists did art that was expensive but is now on the covers of comics at much more affordable prices. For example on disposable heroes for £3.79 each. Variants available. (You have to search on disposable heroes for each issue.) The only one that I'm not in love with is the pinky maze.

This. Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer by BriTANicKdotcom on YouTube. Warning: meta.
03 July 2014 @ 11:56 pm
I interept the usual...non-viewing because I'm clinging on to time management by my finger nails, but I'm working my way through the remix exchange fics on be_compromised and loving them and then I discover that I have two fics and they are both so. damn. good. So I'm reccing my own gifts. BECAUSE FICS OF AWESOME HERE PEOPLE.

Almost Home by sugar_fey (Teen and Up) Summary: ‘Home’ is a word in a language not her own Natasha has never longed for home.

This is a look into what 'home' means to Natasha and how she develops that meaning, steeped in imagery and character development. sugar_fey breaks down the concept, explores it through time and what choices and experience make us, throws in some gorgeous writing, and packages it up in a themeatic structure that works brilliantly. She always makes me see new things in this character. LOVE.

This Bitter Earth by franztastisch (Teen and Up) Summary: The only beautiful things here are her and the stars. And he can’t reach the stars. It's the end of the world, or the end of their world. There are Biblical references, and lots of dust. It's not all that happy, really.

franztastisch wrote me a dystopian AU with climate change and meta on stories. YES SHE WENT THERE. And wrote it in her usual gorgeous writing style, where imagery and metaphor are delivered simply and elegantly, just to finish me off.

I am a lucky, lucky, spoilt fangirl today :D
30 June 2014 @ 01:47 am
Title: now that I have your attention
Fic I've Chosen To Remix (please include link): Miss Fisher's Murder Mystery AU
Rating/warnings: PG13 for a dead body, Natasha does not do nice things for a living (nothing is graphic or on screen)
Summary: Detective Inspector Barton is not surprised to find Natasha Romanoff in the vicinity of a corpse. Not even a corpse in the underbelly of the space station and her in a ball gown.
Author's Note: Written for the be_compromised 2014 Remix Exchange. frea_o challenged me to write an AU of an AU and when I got the lovely hufflepuffsneak in this remix I had plenty of AUs to choose from! I ended up going through many versions of this, from a dystopian space ship searching for new worlds to a steampunk space station, and this is where I ended up. Hopefully I did justice to their excellent peaks through the window into alternate worlds. Thanks go to franztastisch and alphaflyer for cheerleading and sugar_fey for organizational awesome. (Also here on AO3)

Well I would say I'm surprised...Collapse )
25 May 2014 @ 05:00 pm
> I watched X Men: Days Of Future Past with the geek group yesterday. I think this is my favourite X Men film of the lot!


...and now I have nostalgia for the X Men fandom.

> The other week I also watched Transcendence. Trailer here. It's a thinky film on artificial intelligence, how far we can/should go to change the world, and love. I enjoyed it, although there are some plot holes you could drive a truck through.

> I was also introduced to anime this week by my other half and a friend of his. Amusingly the film that they chose to start with, Ghost In The Shell, was far from as good as they'd remembered and they had sad faces afterwards. (Which I wish I'd photographed for posterity.) They're now searching for 'the good stuff' to redeem the genre.

> And have a bunch of fic recs:
Embiggen by thingswithwings (Gen) is Ms Marvel and America Chavez being brilliant.
It's All There in the Handbook by TrespassersWill (Gen) is an amusing set of graphics, which is the actual Stark Industries handbook with Pepper trying to get Tony to approve it.
Going Underground (Or: Five People Who Helped Save London, Even if They Didn't Know It) by CloudAtlas (aka franztastisch (Gen) is the missing scene/s of how Thor actually manages to make it to Greenwhich on the Underground. I should disclaimer that I beta read this, but it's hilarious and perfect, go read!
Escape Velocity by miss_pryss (Gen) is Lilo from Lilo and Stitch training to be a space adventurer as she grows up and, no, seriously, give this one a try.
05 May 2014 @ 02:11 pm
> Free Comic Book Day on Saturday! We went to the travelling comic fayre and I got some bargains - the first GN of Y: The Last Man, the next two Walking Dead GNs, and a bunch of Image comics to try. (I am now collecting Revival; I blame @TricksyLiesmith.) We went to Travelling Man and watched window art happening. We went to Forbidden Planet, we went for food, and we went to watch Amazing Spider Man 2. [film spoilers]When it opened with the gears inside the watch and the decisive tick me and @TricksyLiesmith gasped in realisation. This time we spotted all the time and clock references. Well done film! And it still hurts.

> scribble_myname has made a fantastic fanmix here on AO3 for my fic Failsafe! Clint/Natasha wonderfulness!

> I've been doing a bit of beta reading and ideas storming with people this week, and folks? You have really good fic in your future. I'm excited about these :D

> I installed a new internet router yesterday. Our internet has now miraculously improved.

> In about an hour I will be watching Tracks! Trailer here. (I have watched so many films this year, and more multiple times than before. Mutual enablement with @TricksyLiesmith is going to be the bankruptcy of us both lol.) Shout out to the Australians - this one is set where you are.
27 April 2014 @ 08:50 pm
Bear with me a minute people in countries who saw this ages ago, but I just watched this week's episode of SHIELD on the UK timetable and oh. my. heart. I TRUST NO ONE! AND WINTER SOLDIER EVENTS, THEY HAVE HAPPENED. Woah I am invested in this lol.

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27 April 2014 @ 04:28 pm
In Your Eyes is the new film written and produced by Joss Whedon, Directed by Brin Hill and staring Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David. It was released worldwide online at the same time as it premiered, which is another twist in media from Joss. It'll be interesting to see how that pans out. You can see the trailer and rent it for 72 hours on vimeo HERE. Streaming quality does, alas, depend on your internet connection. I played it in standard def late at night and it only stopped maybe three times, so I just paused it for a moment and then it was fine. Apparently some people have had a problem where it cuts out before the end. If you don't see the credits roll, it's not the end.

The non-spoiler review is that it throws an original twist on the supernatural concept it plays with, the actors are great, and the soundtrack is excellent. It has the trademark Whedon wit although it didn't contain the levels of banter than I expected, rather a very huamn and believable romance that left me with thoughts and feelings on what love really is.

27 April 2014 @ 01:34 pm
I just did a tidy up of my f-list, mostly just taking off people who sadly no longer seem to be around. If you actually are and you're just lurking, yell :)
26 April 2014 @ 09:34 pm
> I put aside the many, many *whimpers* unfinished fics that I've been working on to start my remix fic today. First draft is now completed, at 1460 words. HA! It's only a first draft, but I actually finished something! I also jotted down some notes for an Avengers fusion with the Lazarus comics, because, y'know, I needed more unfinished fic ideas *shakes head at self*.

> I read The Maze Runner by Jame Dashner, because we caught a trailier of the film at our last cinema trip and it looked good. Alas, I was sadly disappointed. [SPOILERS]The plot is mediocre and I thought there would be more of a twist with the maze puzzle. I wasn't made to care about the characters. And there's only one girl. Who's in a coma for most of the book. And there's no plot point reason for this. The fact that a girl shows up is apparently a big, end of days, everything will now change sign. Um, no, that is not what the introduction of a female character should be just because she's female without any plot reason at all. If any girls at all are part of these war games, then why is there only one? And what's with the solving everything surprise telepathy? Okay, I own the remaining two books in the trilogy as I got them as a set in The Works, so I'll see if they get better. On a day when I feel like wasting my time with them.

> Comics this week: Lazarus 8 (if you're a fan of dystopian stories and detailed worldbuilding and you're not reading this comic then you're seriously missing out), What If? Age of Ultron 4 (vaguely interesting thoughts on a superhero as a concept instead of an individual), Original Sin 0 (I haven't read Nova yet and I've never read much about the Watcher and I still found this raised a few feels), Guardians of the Galaxy 14 (YAY [spoiler]Captain Marvel to the rescue! Yay Groot! Uh, okay, future story), and Elektra 1 (the art in this is a thing of beauty, gorgeous colours and really dynamic. Just, I don't think this story is for me. This is the opposite problem to my not liking the art of She-Hulk *head desk*. I may try the next issue, for the gorgeous, gorgeous art).

> Recs: I haven't been able to get this MCU vid, Hey Ho, by thuviaptarth out of my head. How to takes the legacy of heroes and war and provides a new perspective, with spot on musical to image timing, great choices of moments to showcase, and is really thought provoking.

On the fic front hurrah for card games by recessional (PG, no Winter Soldier spoilers) is Maria, Steve, Clint, and Natasha playing poker, which goes about as hilariously as you'd expect. Next New Message by fabrega (Teen and Up, definitely Winter Solider spoilers) is one of the most amusing where-was-Clint stories to happen post Cap 2. And in Breakfast for Dinner by thingswithings Teen and Up, nothing to do with Winter Soldier) Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) joins the MCU Avengers in a ridiculous, amusing, wonderful story (which makes me wish once again for more ladies in everything) - today's title from this!

> And in case you didn't already know, Joss Whedon released his latest film, In Your Eyes, worldwide on vimeo. You can see the tralier and rent it HERE. I also managed to watch the first three minutes somewhere on vimeo following a trailer link, but I can't find that one again, bah. If the internet likes me I'm going to try and watch this tonight :)