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20 April 2014 @ 12:36 am
I joined @TricksyLiesmith for a double film trip today: Amazing Spider Man 2 followed by a third viewing of Captain America: Winter Solider! We saw the first five minutes of How To Train Your Dragon 2 (twice lol), the new X Men trailer (looking excellent!), and we aquired Spider Man IMAX posters.

Spoiler-free Amazing Spider Man 2 reaction: I really enjoyed it, I continue to love how the Amazing Spider Man films (as opposed to the Toby Macguire ones) portrays the characters as the young people that they are, and if you're watching it do stay for the extra credit scene. (Yes, there is one.)

18 April 2014 @ 07:30 pm
I saw The Piano Guys in concert last night, at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, and oh my heart it was amazing! For people who haven't heard of them they're four dads from Utah who become famous on YouTube. They write mash ups of classical and modern music, have a brilliant cello player and a paino player who perform, and their YouTube videos feature this happening on top of cliffs, on a train, on the Great Wall of China... Their music is fantastic, their crazy how-did-they-get-the-piano-up-there? stories are fantastic, but most of all, they're infectious joy in making music is fantastic and a real pleasure to watch. If you get a change to watch them on the second leg of their tour I can't recommend them enough.

They played absolutely all sorts, I couldn't pick a favourite, but it included: The Cello Song; Beethoven's 5 Secrets; Rockelbels Canon; Paradise (Peponi)... and finished off with four guys, one piano for What Makes You Beautiful. I am still on a music high.

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12 April 2014 @ 01:32 am
The ATTF discussion on be_compromised tonight has forced me into finally trying to put some of my flailing on this film into words. Rambling at people in person doesn't count ;) It also have a bunch of post-film fic recs that look shiny!

So, some thoughts...

Captain America 2: Winter Soldier SPOILERS; NO Agents of SHIELD spoilersCollapse )

Okay, I think I'm out of words for now ;) Any thinky thoughts to add?
09 April 2014 @ 12:06 am
Here's the deal: these images are promotional images, trailer images, stuff that if you've been on the internet you've probably seen before the film, however if you've been hiding from spoilers they may spoil you for characters that're in it. There are also quote icons. There's nothing that i'd call a major plot point spoiler (unless you don't know who the Winter Soldier is), but plenty that I'd call minor ones. So. If you don't want any kind of spoilers at all, don't look. And if you're using these? I'd appreciate it if you'd play nice with the quote ones, where you use them (like maybe for discussion posts or comment replies in posts that warn for spoilers), until the film's been out a bit longer. (I know, if that's something that bothers me I shouldn't make icons yet, but THIS FILM.)

And if you have any other images or can recall any more quotes (i'm particularly interested in Natasha quotes and amusing quotes, but my wording isn't accurate enough) then I'd really like to icon them *flutters eyelashes hopefully*.

Okay, so on to the icons...


21 March 2014 @ 10:37 pm
I interupt the usual fandom content to let you know that today is World Downs Syndrome Day. I know there's Sports Relief, and people doing bare faced on facebook, and always all sorts of things going on, but this? Isn't about raising money. It's about raising awareness. So, hi, let me make you aware that there's a genetic condition where people can have an extra chromosome.

Specifically people with Downs Syndrome have three copies of chromosome 21. They're not ill and they don't have a disease. There are certain illnesses that they can be more susceptible to and people with Downs Syndrome have learning difficulties, but they are all unique individuals. They don't have the same illnesses or the same level of learning difficulties. Just like everyone else in the world there's no one size fits all. The Downs Syndrome Association has a great FAQ here and the Shifting Perspectives photograph exhibitions which began with this one are fantastic.

My younger sister has Downs Syndrome. She went to the same Primary School as me, a High School for special needs, and then the local college. Her social skills are fantastic but she can't read, write, or work out money. She can swim and earned badges, has done archery and beat our dad at it, loves learning and has lots of certificates. She has set routines and will not go any faster, even if she's running late in the mornings, and is excellent at ducking household chores. She's a huge fan of Star Trek, Glee, Friends, Strictly Come Dancing, Avengers...her DVD collection rivals my book collection.

Things are both different and not different. I graduated from university and my sister received a City & Guilds certificate. We both got graduation cards. I go out at the weekends with my friends and boyfriend and my sister goes out to a special needs disco, bowling, the cinema, and parties with hers but always with us or a carer. She likes to ask me for boyfriend and sisterly advice. Would things be different if she didn't have Downs Syndrome? Sure, things would be different, but my sister wouldn't be. She'd still be as great a sister and as much a pain in my arse a sister as sisters are. And still educating me in Star Trek.

This year for World Downs Syndrome day there's a t-shirt that amused us greatly and a video below that somewhat problematic in that everyone with Downs Syndrome actually has different abilities, but overall it's solid:

And in the spirit of awareness, I am always open to questions and curosity :) (Although just to note I don't speak for or on the behalf of anyone else, just as what it's like to be a sibling of someone with a disability.)
09 March 2014 @ 11:21 pm
> Geek Trip to the roving comics fayre on Saturday, but apparently there was something else going on the same day because a lot of the regular folks weren't there. Including the main graphic novel guy, so no cheap graphic novels for me, meh. I did find a load of Astonishing X Men comics though - Phil Noto cover art and stores written by Marjorie Liu? Yes please *grabby hands*. Later we flipped a coin between The Lego Movie and The Grand Budapest Hotel, as we fancied something amusing, and The Lego Movie won. It was indeed amusing. With a theme tune that I still can't shake out of my head, and that's where this week's title is from *grins*. Since it was also a geek trip following my birthday I got spoilt with geeky things, including Hawkeye and Black Widow style wrapped presents, one of which was a Skottie Young Black Widow t-shirt (!!!), and three gorgeous arty birthday cards. Also Avengers badges and I'm going to see Ed Sheeran in October! I am a lucky, lucky person :D

arty awesome birthday cardsCollapse )

> On the box: I have watched this week's The Walking Dead and am now one and a half episodes away from the end of season three of Buffy. Yeah, I'm bad at tv.

> Books read: I started the week off by reading The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer and then I didn't pick up another book for the rest of this week because I needed to digest that one, and to get over the ouch. It's a very well written story about grief and mental illness.
It also contains a character with Downs Syndrome, which is always great to see, but feels a little like the story has been overloaded with this character and two characters with mental illness being in the same family. Which can and does happen, but also smells a little like the author is throwing as much difference as possible at the reader. And then that character is the one who we know from the start is dead, so, yeah, not great awareness raising there.
Those are the only two things I find a bit problematic. Other than that, it's very good. Not one for when you're feeling down though - it made me cry.

> This weeks comics: Agent of Asgard #2 (alas, no Avengers, but the God of Lies has met a character who only hears the truth, so that could be interesting), Jupiter's Legacy #3 (woah, time jump! But interesting), and Magneto #1 (yes, I got the Skottie Young cover ;) This feels a but like 'what Magneto does when he's not being a super villan' in the style of Hawkeye and Black Widow, and I'm not sure this interests me).

> Recs: I love Sherlock fics where Molly is a strong character, where she grows into her own, but fics like the breath that passed from you to me by rsadelle (Sherlock, Molly/Sherlock, Mature, 14,843 words) remind me that a Molly who can be an idiot when it comes to Sherlock isn't necessarily idiotic or less strong than any other type of Molly.
I also read a bunch of Hunger Games fics this week. Have three (bring tissues):
Out of the Night: An Interview with a Mockingjay by athousandwinds (Katniss/Peeta, Teen and Up, 2440 words) After twenty-five years, Katniss Everdeen breaks her long silence to speak to our star reporter.
To the Victor, The Spoil by Annakovsky (Katniss/Haymitch, Explicit, Underage, 13,360 words) No berries, no mockingjay, no rebellion. Katniss killed Peeta in the arena, and now she has to live with herself like every other victor.
Valor, Valeria by aimmyarrowshigh (various pairings, Explicit, 8643 words) Gale sells and Finnick is sold, and there is no honor in Panem. aka two boys grow up in two different Districts and life is easy for no one.
08 March 2014 @ 08:17 am
Happy International Women's Day! Last year I began a batch of marvelous ladies icons. I still have quite a few films to go, but this year I'm adding to the collection with icons from Iron Man and Iron Man 2.

Part Three
Iron Man: x4 minor characters, x6 Christine Everhart, x23 Pepper Potts, x3 Team Efficiency
Iron Man 2: x3 minor characters, x2 Christine Everhart, x15 Pepper Potts, x15 Natasha Romanoff, x5 Team Redhead


fallaces sunt rerum speciesCollapse )

From last year:

Part One
The Incredible Hulk: x30 Betty Ross, x2 minor characters
Amazing Spider Man: x24 Gwen, x8 Aunt May, x2 Peter’s Mum, x2 Gwen’s Mum, x4 minor characters
Captain America: x27 Peggy Carter, x1 minor characters

Part Two
Thor: x33 Jane Foster, x23 Darcy Lewis, x12 Team Science, x24 Lady Sif, x5 Queen Frigga, x1 Team Asgard, x5 minor characters
From the World Book Day website Young people and adults nominated the books that have rocked their worlds, to help us create the ultimate list of 50 BOOKS that will change YOUR life and keep you reading and these were the results. Bold the ones you've read, italic the ones you want to read; it's a World Book Day Meme :)

writes of passageCollapse )
02 March 2014 @ 05:35 pm
> On the box: I am behind with very many tv shows at the moment, oops. I am, however, up to date with The Walking Dead ('nooo, go the other way!' is becoming a thing I say often this season, for goodness sake characters) and I am three episodes from the end of season three in the big Watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer In Order challenge. No films this week.

> Books Read: The Girl With All The Gifts (excellent dystopian future novel, the changes in viewpoints never distract from the story, and interesting thoughts on choices at the end of humanity as well know it), The Poison Eaters and Other Stories by Holly Black (an absorbing short story collection full of fairytales with sharp edges, including the short story that came before the novel The Coldest Girl in Coldtown so it was fun to see how the novel grew from that, and two stories set in the Tithe 'verse), and Fables Volume 1: Legends In Exile (this was okay, but not as good as all the hype made it out to be. I appreciate that it's the first volume at the start of a long ongoing series, so does it get better? Should I stick with it?)

> This weeks comics: Hawkeye 15 (from which today's post title comes from; so many 'caught with your pants down' jokes, so, so many. Also, people having fun with spotting names and words in the crossword cover? There is a lot of 'BRO', ha), Secret Avengers 16 (I'm not entirely sure I got the point here. Has
Bobbi, along with Daisy and Bucky, escaped the wierdness of SHIELD's memory games whilst the others haven't, is that the point
?, Serenity: Leaves On The Wind 2 (when is the more?!), Origin II 3 (it's okay), Guardians of the Galaxy 12: The Trial of Jean Grey Part 4/6 (these tie-ins make me want to read the earlier Gaurdians comics, I should do this).

>Recs: things that are especially wonderful that I found this week are we might fall (steve rogers character study vid) by turquoisetumult in which Steve always gets back up and that, that's a superpower, and one he had right from the start. And Introduction To Western Literature by igrockspock (Avengers, Clint/Natasha, Teen and Up, 2645 words) in which in the beginning books and reading are the only things that Natasha has in common with the rest of SHIELD. This one is booklovers story, definitely, and that last line, YES.