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> Things I do on livejournal: read fanfic, write fanfic, make icons, make graphics, rec shiny things, and chat about books, fandoms, comics, and films. A lot of the time I can be found over at be_compromised - it's the best bar! I can also be found on AO3 (almost all my works and the most recent), on ff.net (most fic, no longer updated), and on tumblr (sometimes).

> My main fandoms at the moment for reading and writing are: Avengers, Firefly/Serenity, Sherlock BBC, Star Trek XI, and X Men (films and comics). Harry Potter, Dcotor Who, and Torchwood were previously on that list. Other things I have been known to fangirl over include: Lord of the Rings, Castle, The Walking Dead, Sandman, Orphan Black, Chicago Fire, House MD, CSI, Sherlock Holmes, Tortall, Discworld, Buffy and Angel, Dollhouse, Pacific Rim, White Collar, Narnia, Bones, Fringe, Elementary, and Agents of SHIELD. I love reading - books are love! And in the last few years I dived head first into a love of comics, particularly Image and Marvel. I also have a thing for circus', magical realism, and dystopian futures at the moment.

> This year my to-write list so far consists of a lot of AUs. My to-read list is, as ever, eclectic. There are lots of films I'd like to see, lots of comics to read, and hopefully more comicons and fandom events to attend :)

> If I've friended you, hello, I love your fic/icons/art/creativeness/humour/interests/wonderful self! Feel free to friend me - because you want to keep track of the stories or icons, if you're interested in what I get up to offline, if you think we have things in common, if you'd like to chat… I only tend to friends-lock entries that aren't really fandom related or are about my life offline. De-friending? Feel free to at any time.

> Permission Statement (because apparently these things are useful): If you feel so inclined you have my permission to create secondary fanworks of any of my transformative works, including but not limited to: podfic, fanart, fanmixes, translations, remixes, meta, negative reviews that will make me cry, commentaries, using my icons on other sites… I'll be flattered :) I appreciate that there are different requirements for different formats (ie. podfic) so if small changes to the original work help, feel free to alter at will. If you would like me to make alterations specifically for you or help with anything, please feel free to ask - I may not want to dive back into an old fic, but it's worth a shot. A few stipulations: please ask if you want to write a sequel to any of my works, in case I'm already writing one myself. Please ask before doing anything with something I co-created or that was me playing in someone else's sandbox, because it'd be nice to check with them first too. Please don't use my work for profit or anything commercial. Please credit me for the part of the work that i've done and link back to the original work. Please let me know so that I can squee about it! (I can be contacted by PM, comments, or email if you have it.)

Disclaimer: I understand that the rights of the fandoms in which I take part belong to their creators and not to me. I make no profit. Reading or writing about things that are legally or morally wrong foes not mean that I condone, approve of, promote, and so on, those things. You can find credit for my graphics resources here.

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