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Fic: State Your Emergency

So I wrote a Clint Barton thing for Infinity War, trying to get a bit of it out of my head. I think there's probably going to be a pile of fics in a similiar vein, but I haven't read any IW fics yet. I've been reading and re-reading older fic later instead. Although if someone has written Collapse ) yet or any other filling in the gaps or anything hopeful, I'd love recs.

Title: State Your Emergency
Rating/Warnings: Teen and Up (f-word level swearing, non-graphic injury, emotions - full warnings with spoilers in the end note on AO3)
Word Count: 2800
Summary: A post-post credit Clint Barton scene for Infinity War. SPOILERS.
Author Note: with thanks to [personal profile] alphaflyer for beta reading and telling me to include more angst!

LINK TO FIC: Clint’s weaving in and out of New York traffic on a motorbike with his gear hidden in a food delivery cooler-backpack thing when it happens...
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Spoiler Free Infinity War Reaction

On my first Thursday watch of Infinity War I went in unable to cope and left...still unable to cope! I had a rewatch Friday and the weekend to recover and form some thoughts, so here's a SPOILER FREE reaction:

The previous 10 years of movies were the build up to this one, in that it launches straight into things and does not let up. There's no time for the audience to catch up - you have to have seen what came before. And when you have, as a fan I enjoyed it! They balance a large cast very well, so that even though some characters get more screen time than others they still all get their moments. Wonderful moments! Hilarious ones, kickass ones, heartbreaking ones, great crossover ones, great quotable ones… It’s an emotional rollercoaster that was so good because I was already invested in these characters and their relationships. I’ll be watching again at the cinema - even with those heartbreaking moments - because it’s a damn good ride and there’s a hell of a lot to take in.

It's also very clearly a part one of two with Avengers 4 still to come, and thanks to some bold choices in Infinity War that I was NOT prepared for, I still feel like anything could happen next and anything could change. I NEED PART TWO NOW PLEASE.

I reached the point where I can't really do proper, full reaction posts to Marvel films anymore because they hit me with all the feelings, and then my brain starts latching onto all the little details and connections and I blue screen. It’s easier to chat about it with other people, focusing on one thing at the time, so if you want to talk with SPOILERS there’s a thread over here on be_compromised. I’m also in a Twitter chat group with a bunch of lovely Loki fangirls I kind of got adopted into after Thor Ragnarok lol, I’m lucky to have @TricksyLiesmith as my cinema buddy - we hugged a lot - and I’ve talked NON-IW fanfic with [profile] franztastich which helped, so I’m in recovery!
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Fic: In Deed

I'm mulling over some possible short fics for the be_compromised Valentine's mini promptathon, but here's a threesome fic I've been working on since Christmas for [profile] meatball42:

Title: In Deed
Pairing/Characters: Bucky/Clint/Natasha with Liho and Lucky
Rating/Warnings: Teen and Up (contains a bad mental health day that gets better)
Word Count: 4860
Author Note: Something happier for [profile] meatball42 since my Secret Santa gift was a bit angsty. With thanks to [personal profile] franztastisch for beta reading <3
Summary: Bucky is having a bad day. Lucky and Liho help. So do Clint and Natasha.

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Fic: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Back From The Hospital

First fic I have finished in 2018! Let's just ignore the fact that I've been working on it since the summer of 2016 shall we...

Title: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Back From The Hospital
Pairing/Characters: Clint Barton & Wade Wilson, background Clint/Laura and Clint & Nat
Rating/Warnings: 15/Mature (for Deadpool levels of violence and swearing, also potential trigger warnings for *Deadpool explains consent suggesting possible off-screen non-con or dub-con may have happened, Deadpool takes unknown drugs, a scene is set in a morgue where there are dead bodies - no graphic description, guns, swords, bad guys die, I'm making this sound really fun aren't I?*
ALSO there is BANTER and SASS, and Clint and Deadpool being bros.)
Word Count: 7900
Author Note: Huge thanks to [personal profile] alphaflyer and [personal profile] franztastisch for beta reading! Fic happens near the start of ten times as long (to put yourselves back together), but can be read as a standalone post-Infinity War fic.
Summary: Aliens happen (again) and Clint ends up in hospital (again). What happens between that and Clint joining the others who’re re-grouping at the New Avengers Facility? The short answer is Deadpool.

“You’re not rescuing me,” Clint tells him. “I don’t need to be rescued. Nat is coming to pick me up at one. I’m good, thanks.”

Later he’ll wonder if it was the ‘thanks’ that was his undoing.

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2017 Year In Review

A few lists of 2017 things, included book recs and fics:

Author Events: Robin Hobb, M R Carey, Patrick Ness, and Natalie Haynes (all at events put on by Waterstones bookshops in the two cities nearest to me)

Plays seen: Gabriel, Lost Soul, Jayne Eyre, That Play That Goes Wrong (hilarious), Twelfth Night (at the Globe in London!), and A Comedy About A Bank Robbery

Concerts/gigs: Postmodern Jukebox, Hayley Reinhart, and Amanda Palmer (the first time I’ve been to a gig in London, a gig on my own, and to a drag show; I made friends with some strangers and had a wonderful time *grins*)

Trips: Edinburgh, Thought Bubble con in Leeds, and London & Salisbury

Favourite Films seen at the cinema: Hidden Figures, Logan, Gifted, and Thor Ragnarok

Favourite comics of 2017: Saga, The Wicked + The Divine, Runaways, Hawkeye, and Giant Days

Favourite Graphic Novels read in 2017: Porcelain: Ivory Tower, The Secret Loves of Geek Girls, and The Vision (vol2): Little Better Than A Beast

Favourite Books read in 2017:
Instead of listing all the books I’ve read this year, which is what I usually do, I’m going to link you to my goodreads account and then share my favourite books of 2017. Picking favourites is HARD, but I tried -
Collapse )

Non-fiction: Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly, A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Wolf, and Hope In The Dark by Rebecca Solnit, which I read at the start of the year and gave me a much needed boost of optimism in the face of politics

Poetry: Plum by Hollie McNish and Undying by Michael Faber, which is beautiful written and gives voice to so many emotions, and yes it made me cry

Fics posted in 2017: I posted five fics last year, all of which were gifts for other people. Good job I had that as an incentive I think. All Marvel fandom; two Clint/Nat and three Clint/Nat/Bucky.

Collapse )

Life Things in 2017:
Collapse )

That counts for online friends too – thank you for the fandom chats with me, talking with me about your ideas, prompts, and WIPs, posting new things for me to enjoy, commenting on any of my creative works, and in general being your lovely selves. Sometimes those little things help a big deal *hugs*.

And now it’s 2018! Lots of things to look forward to – starting with a trip to Budapest next week with [personal profile] franztastisch and [personal profile] alphaflyer! What were your 2017 highlights and favourites? Things that you’re looking forward to in 2018?
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Thor: Ragnarok - Initial Reaction Post - NO Spoilers

I watched Thor Ragnarok last night. IT IS WONDERFUL AND MADE OF WONDERFUL THINGS AND I NEED TO SEE IT AGAIN. ANOTHER. HOLY SHIT. No, but really, I called franztastisch at a train station with @TricksyLiesmith so we could 'OH MY GOD' at each other before I ran for a train. I am in a DM (private message) threat of British people on Twitter FLIPPING OUR COLLECTIVE LIDS.

The non-spoiler overview: if you like Director Taika Waititi's sense of humour (try Hunt for the Wilderpeople) then you're going to love this. I laughed until I cried, constantly, for the whole film. Right from the start this film is given space to be funny, room for the jokes to breathe, and, when you get home and calm down a little, room for them to have layers. Thor: Ragnarok has a relatively straightforward plot. The cleverness comes in all of the little details, emotions, shout outs to previous Thor films and MCU films, to the comics and the myths, to character development and world building, and the jokes aren't seperate to that. They're funny because you know the history, or because the situation is hilarious, or because of the aciting and the facial expressions, and then you look again and there's more going on underneath. So much more. I'm still digging through them and I need to watch it again - hopefully this weekend. And then there's the themes. Which I can't spoil you for. But, oh my Thor, YES. Visually it's really colourful with some interesting choices, the music just works, everything is quote worthy, and everyone in the cast looks like they enjoyed the hell out of themselves making this film.

PS. I seem to know a lot of people who like Loki? Even though I live in the Assassins corner of the Internet? I blame @TricksyLiesmith. But apparently if you are a Loki and Thor fan this film is for you ;)

So where does this sit with the rest of the MCU? For me Winter Solider is the best in terms of plot. For humour Thor: Dark World and Gaurdians of the Galaxy. Then I just love all the ensemble films, especially for dialogue and banter, and I love Civil War. Thor: Ragnorak is easily the funniest film for me. The plot...Winter Solider still comes out top for me, for how timely and on point it was/is, how well it juggled everything, and the complete shake up of the MCU. Thor: Ragnarok shows how simple can be wonderful though, and shines in it's layers and themes. Beautiful layers and themes. After one viewing? Thor: Ragnarok is definitely the best Thor film and easily one of my favourites in the whole MCU.

Extras: look, we all know by now to stay until the end of a Marvel film, so pin your butt to that seat. There's a mid credits scene and an after credits scene. Oh, and there's some amazing cameos and who knows how many Easter eggs - I'm waiting for YOU so you can tell me what I've missed :D
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Secret Santa, MBB, and a rec

Secreta Santa 2017 sign ups are open at be_compromised until 9AM GMT SATURDAY 21ST OCTOBER. The community has moved to Dreamwidth but you can sign up using your LJ with OpenID or comment anonymously to sign up including your LJ handle in your comment. There's only 4 people signed up so far, so if you know of anyone who'd be interested in an exchange with Clint and Natasha, as a couple or friends or partners, then please do spread the word.

Also marvel big bang starts posting soon and they have an AO3 collection. Nice, some long Marvel fics comings soon.

Any fic recs from things you've read recently? franztastisch pointed me at Summer Don't Own Me No More by Nonymos with gorgeous art by alby_mangroves, and it is solar!punk and amazing!
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Fic: We Can Get Better

I wrote a thing! For franzi's and gecko's friends write for each other - the reckoning exchange - damn good fics, take a look.

Mine is a Clint Barton at the end of Fraction & Aja & Team's comics run fic and my first time writing a threesome - Clint/Natasha/Bucky.

Title: We Can Get Better
Rating/Warnings: Explicit (sex, threesome, full body hug as a form of bondage, hypervigilance after a home invasion)
Length: 6540 words
Author Note: Written for musicspeakstoo. Title is from Get Better by Frank Turner, now permanently associated with Fraction & Aja & Team's Hawkeye for me thanks to this vid. Fic takes place between Clint being in a hospital gown and Clint shooting with Kate at the end of #22. Clint and Kate are the comics versions of themselves, Natasha and Bucky are possibly more MCU or AU. Beta read by franztastisch, who knows how last minute I am at finishing, and still offers to beta read for me, and makes everything better.
Summary: Hypervigilance is kicking in. Clint wishes he could sleep for a week, but he won’t even manage a full night. He’s gonna be up each time something moves in his peripheral vision. He’s already turned the stupid hearing aids up to the max. He’ll be checking the locks and the boarded up window every hour probably.

Clint thought that everyone left after the Battle of Bed-Stuy, but Natasha's still here and that means the chances of him sleeping tonight have just improved dramatically.

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I read, I write

> It has been a week. Which I'm not going to rehash because I want at least a few hours last thing on Sunday where this week is done before I have to face another one *face palm*.

> I have finished and submitted a fic for geckoholic and franztastisch's friends fest! I struggled with this one, but I really wanted to give it a go. Also, summaries remain the hardest thing to write.

> In not unrelated news, I found this tumblr thing that explains the difference between Mature and Explicit ratings using licking an envelope. Which I found amusing and really helpful. This is going to be my go-to definition I think.

> The Masterlist for Promptathon 2017 is up on be_compromised and I'm working my way through the ones I missed.

> If you would like to read a book about girls being friends and feminists featuring punk rock music and all different kinds of girls coming together to fight back against sexism at a small town high school, Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu is the feel good book for you. I read it recently and said HELL YEAH a lot. It's 99p on Kindle in the UK and $1.28 in the US :)
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fannish updates

> Caught up with the be_compromised summer promptathon today. There's a great bunch of fics once again this year!

> bluemeridian has posted a rec list of happy-making things HERE that I'm working my way through tonight. I LOVE the Hawkeyes (Fraction) and Martian vids! Now onwards to the wordy things.

> Which has reminded me to check out this year's Vividcon. I found a handy database here. I'm in a vid mood it seems, so if you have recs you'd like to share then be my guest :)

> I have managed to finish a fic and am close to finishing a handful more. This would be great, except I have an awkward habit at the moment of working on a bunch at once, adding words to one until I stall and then moving onto the next and cycling back 'round again. So the fic I've finished? Is part five of the demon AU series but parts three and four aren't quite complete lol. Another that's close to being done is a how Clint and Jess met that's set prior to a much longer Clint/Nat fic in which Clint and Jess have been broken up for a while. Um. Oops?

> I'm hoping to finally see Spiderman: Homecoming tomorrow, yay!

> Finished watching The Bridge this week, which had me on the edge of my seat. My hat is off to the actor who plays Saga; fascinating to watch a non-neuro typical female lead character, who has a job as a competent police officer and navigates relationships, and it's just so well done. I also caved and bought American Gods even though I take forever to watch things and it will probably decrease in price by the time I get chance, because American Gods!

> I make up for my slow watching of tv and films with speedy reading though. Which reminds me that I need to update goodreads again...

> Any fic/vid/graphic/other recs that are happy or amusing? I think it's a good time for them.