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Happy Birthday featherxquill!

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a really great day :o)

And continuing what now seems to be a tradition of writing present-fic for my f-list, here is a Rita drabble for you!


Length: 100 words

Rating/Warnings: PG13

Summary: This is how Rita celebrates her birthday.

Author Note: March 3rd is Miranda Richardson's birthday – the actress who plays Rita Skeeter.


Rita Skeeter, 3rd March

~ for featherxquill ~


This is how Rita celebrates her birthday: elated knowing her work will decorate the front page of tomorrow's Prophet, leaning back against soft pillows on a queen-sized bed in a luxurious hotel, an entertaining young man with a wicked tongue and green ink drying on his chest lying next to her, champagne sparkling in crystal glasses on a nearby table, and smirking to herself as the clock hands stroke midnight.


She smokes a cigarette and runs nails painted indigo up and down her partner's arm whilst she waits for him to recover. 


(The young have stamina; the 'old' have patience.)

Tags: fanfiction: all, fanfiction: harry potter

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