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04 January 2013 @ 04:22 am
Big Fandom Post 2013  
The second thing I’ve reviewed is my f-list, communities, and feeds, and my fandoms. I’ve stopped following people that haven’t posted in a long time without any reason that I know of or can think of, and communities that are inactive or I no longer spend much time on. I know some of you post sporadically, have busy lives offline, or spend more time on communities than your own journals. (And some of you I just don’t want to stop stalking in case you show up again! I live in hope.) If I’ve stopped following anyone who is actually still around, let me know and I’ll follow you again!

If you’re following me, and if you want to know if it’s a good idea to keep following me *grins*, here’s an idea of what fandoms I see myself being involved in this year and what I hope to get up to in them:

Avengers: This is the fandom I’m most active in at the moment and I don’t see that changing. I love spending time at be_compromised, which is a Clint/Natasha community. It’s my happy place <3 I’m a fan of all characters and pretty much all pairings in the Marvel Movies. The only thing I’m not keen on is Thor/Loki as anything but incest and therefore a dark/bad thing (and even then it’s rare that I’ll read it) and Loki as being actually a good person, if it isn’t an AU (because after the Avengers and all those people he murdered I can see him maybe deciding to reform, but he isn’t good, folks, even if yes, I agree that he’s had a hard time of it. I do have an offline friend who’s a Loki fan and we get along just fine, heh.)

I intend to read more fanfic in this fandom, because it’s all so good! I also really want to write more. A lot of my ideas lately don’t want to be short and I find it difficult to finish longer fics, so do shout at me to encourage me to get on with that. (There’s an Avengers/Walking Dead fusion, an Avengers/Firefly fusion, Avengers/His Dark Materials fusion, and a pile of AUs crowding my brain.) I need to make more icons and I’d like to do a Marvel Ladies set, maybe for halfamoon. I’d love to do a rec list, but I’m really twisted up on how to categorize everything, so I’ll probably just keep doing rec posts for now, although I do plan to do a vid rec post if I can sort that out.

I’m looking forward to seeing Iron Man 3 and Thor 2, I’m following the new Hawkeye comics, I’m hoping to read more comics and graphic novels (Black Widow: Name of the Rose is my favourite so far), and I’m making my sister into a Jeremy Renner fan – she already likes Hawkeye best because she likes archers!

Doctor Who: It’s the anniversary year! Our main writer is Stephen Moffat! Neil Gaiman is meant to be writing another episode! BRING IT ON.

I have little Whovian knowledge pre-New Who, sorry, that’s something for me to work on in the future. In New Who I love ALL the companions, the Doctors, everything, but I do have a fondness for Donna, and for Rory, Amy, and River. (Especially Rory.) I love ensembles in things, so having Amy AND Rory with the Doctor, having them married, and then having River and others getting to join them was fantastic for me. Similarly, I loved everyone coming together at the end of Season Four. (This is one of the reasons why I LOVE crossovers and fusions, so if I say I’m spending less time in some fandoms they might still crop up mixed with others!)

Again, I want to make more icons. I haven’t made any from 2012’s episodes yet and that needs to be corrected. I’d also like to write more fic (especially for the Trojan Duck ‘Verse), although those ones aren’t at the top of my to-do list. What is at the top of my to-do list in this fandom is a Big Post rounding up 2012’s episodes, my thoughts on them, and recs of things connected to them.

Torchwood: I see myself spending less time in this fandom. I didn’t like much of Miracle Day and I thought Children of Earth could have been better. I love all of the characters and I’ll read fanfic if it catches my interest. I have a few fanfic ideas. We’ll see.

Sherlock BBC: I love Stephen Moffat, I love what he’s done with Sherlock, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next! I don’t write much in this fandom and make very few icons. A few things might crop up, but mostly I just love the show and read a bundle of fanfics every so often. (I do have a Sherlock/Secret Garden fusion that I’m working on, partly influenced by Florence and the Machine’s lyrics ‘no more calling like a crow for a boy, for a body in the garden’. Yes, I went there.)

X Men: I want to see the new Wolverine film, because I’ve heard it’s going to have his history in Japan, and I’m interested in seeing how they plan to bring all of the X Men films into play in the second First Class film. Regardless, I know I’m going to enjoy them, because I always enjoy the X Men :) I’ve read a bundle of comics - Joss Whedon’s run on Astonishing X Men and Grant Morrisons’ are classics for me – and I’d like to read more.

I’ve read some of the newer X Men fics and I’ll probably read more, but I do miss the older sites and authors that seem to have faded away (Minisinoo, ridesandruns, L. Burke’s ‘The Early Years’, Love and Lust at Mutant High, to name the ones I can recall off the top of my head). I don’t know if I’ll write more (who knows) or make more icons (probably) in this fandom.

Harry Potter: This was my main fandom before Avengers really, but all things come to an end. I’ve been reading a lot less fics, I don’t have the urge to make any icons, and whilst I still have a few fic ideas they’re not at the top of my to-do list. I’ll still read fics that catch my interest and I’d really like to finish my fic Flower In The Crannied Wall. (I’ve been working on it for years and I don’t want it to defeat me! It’s a fic in which Lavender wakes up in Saint Mungo’s after the final battle and learns that she’s a werewolf, whilst suspecting that the guy in the bed opposite her is a Death Eater. Seamus, Dean, and Luna are also in it.)

Firefly/Serenity: The fandom that I just can’t quit. I love it, all of the characters, and Joss Whedon to pieces. The reunion was an amazing time and I rewatch Firefly often.

I don’t read fanfics much for this fandom anymore, but I’d like to make some more icons, and I have a Wash fic that I’d love to finish. And Firefly is something that I’d love to fuse with a lot of things.

Castle: I’m waiting impatiently for Season Five to happen in the UK and when it does my Dad and I will watch it obsessively. I love this show. I read very little fanfiction for it, I write little, and I don’t think I’ve made any icons yet, but I love it.

Star Trek: This is my sister’s fandom *grins*. After she saw the new film she started working her way through everything, starting with the Original Series. She’s currently halfway through Deep Space Nine. I’m her enabler, so I know enough about it to follow general conversations. I fan the new films: I really liked the first one, read a pile of fanfic, am looking forward to the second on, and will probably read a pile more, and probably make icons. I have a few fic ideas, but I don’t feel confident enough in this fandom to write much, and those ideas are fusions and AUs that may never get finished. (One is an AU where Kirk and Bones work at Hogwarts at Universal Studios. In another they’re all mutants at Xavier’s.)

Tolkien: I’ve read all the books that are stories, not the histories or anything. I loved the films, I’ve seen The Hobbit and loved that too, and I’m looking forward to the next two Hobbit films A LOT. (I would have done a reaction post, except I went to see The Hobbit with my other half and we geeked out over it for hours afterwards, which exhausted everything I had to say that wasn’t squee, ha.) I don’t read or write fanfic. Icons may happen.

White Collar: Season Two started in the UK last year; we’re about halfway through. It’s not my favourite thing, but it’s fun and I enjoy it. (Like Castle, I watch it with my Dad. Things are even more fun when you get to share them with people.) I’ve read a fair bit of fanfic and crossover fanfic for this fandom, because of interesting premises. I don’t know if I’ll ever write any though and I have no urge to icon.

Other TV Shows: I’ve watched up to Season Eleven of CSI, but I think it started going down after the fifth, and I’m only vaguely familiar with the spinoffs. I loved Wire in the Blood and I read the books by Val McDermid. I’ve watched up to mid-Season Seven (I think) of Bones and, whilst I enjoy it, it’s not high on my list to watch more of. Same for House M.D. which I haven’t seen the last two seasons of (although I do know how it all ends and I’d like to see that for myself eventually). I’ve seen Season One of Fringe and Season Two is in my to-watch pile. I’ve just started watching Carnivale. I’ve seen Season Two of Walking Dead, have Season One in my to-watch pile, and missed the first of Season Three when it was on here. (I didn’t mean to watch it, but my Dad was. I got caught in passing; it’s strangely addictive.) Syfy's Alice had some interesting ideas, but could have been better. One of my friends has leant me ALL SEVEN seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, because I never watched them all and never in order, so I’m working my way through those. (They’re all so young, bless.) I did watch almost all of Angel when it was on. I thought Dollhouse was intriguing in the first season and AMZING in the second. (In case you haven’t spotted by this point, I’m a Joss Whedon fan *grins*.)

I’m also watching Chicago Fire and Elementary with Dad, but I’m not really fannish over those, and everyone in the family watches Downton Abbey so I join them. (It’s a good watch. Saw the ending of the Christmas Special coming.)

Other Films: For some reason I recently read a bunch of fics for the latest James Bond film, Skyfall. I blame the interesting summaries, heh. I finally (!!!) saw The Bourne Legacy over Christmas, I loved The Amazing Spider-Man, and in 2013 the films I’m keeping an eye out for, that I haven’t already mentioned, are Les Mis, Life of Pi, Lone Ranger, and Man of Steel.

Other Books: I feel I should mention that the first online fandom I was active in was Redwall, back in the days when I didn’t have an email address. (Where did all the sites go where you didn’t have to have an email address to join in, I wonder?) I used to RP and was in the second Questor’s Bold, if anyone remembers that *grins*. It was also the first fandom I left behind.

I’ve been seen in the fandoms for Narnia, Sherlock Holmes, Tortall, Sandman, and Discworld. I read a lot and if I spot any fanfics for books that I’ve loved with interesting ideas then off I go! But there are a lot of books that I just love without wanting to fan them beyond loving them. (Some of my most favourite authors are: Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, and Kelley Armstrong.) I don’t talk much about books on my journal, but I’d like to change that. I’m thinking of doing the 100 Things Challenge and making it 100 blogs about books. Regardless, at ANY time I love to talk about books <3

Other Things: I keep meaning to do an icon tutorial, because I think everyone should be able to have fun making pretties if they want to, and I really don’t do anything complicated to make mine. I also want to try and get all of my fics up on AO3. Right now, I need to finish making graphics for the be_compromised Secret Santa and coordinating all of the other people making graphics for it (!!!), and I’m working on the rec list from the f-list that is my seasonal gift from me to my f-list that I plan to post after the fests and exchanges have calmed down.

And I think that’s everything! But you might also want to know: a surprise!fandom may appear; I’m always open to book chatter and icon requests; I sometimes drop icons in comments to people, but I fail at gifs; I often have long comment conversations; I have more ideas than I write and love to enable other people who have ideas; there may also be posts about random things that catch my attention, like crazy weather (but I tend to f-lock those).
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inkvoices: stripey socksinkvoices on January 4th, 2013 11:16 pm (UTC)
I didn't think it would so long when I started making it, heh. I've never been drawn to the Bond books let alone the fic, but I spotted some and the premises looked interesting. Ooo, I read that fic! Only on AO3. Really enjoyed it. Hmm, more recs. it was dark when I found you was fun, with competant Q (teen and up, Q/007) and You may have my number, you can take my name (Gen, major character death) is just perfection, dealing with the fallout after the film. blue_meridian recced a bundle on their journal that I liked as well, but can't remember the names or links. And the body electric (teen and up, Q/007) is something with a cyborg Q.
ericadawn16: Optimismericadawn16 on January 4th, 2013 06:22 am (UTC)
If she's into archers, is she also into Kili aka Aidan Turner?

Also, I keep getting behind with the Hawkeye comics so I can't wait until they release it as a graphic novel. Now that I've seen Maria and Nick in it, I'm curious whether Coulson will be involved.

My head canon will always believe that Kate Bishop is actually Coulson's daughter. I'm also really curious about Sif in the new Thor comics...
inkvoices: avengers:clint comicinkvoices on January 4th, 2013 11:19 pm (UTC)
I don't think she knows the names of all the dwarves yet, but she loved the Lord of the Rings films and she loved The Hobbit :D Frodo and Sam were her favourites though, not Legloas.

I couldn't wait until they released it as a graphic novel lol, but the graphic novel does indeedy look shiny. I haven't seen Coulson yet, although Wolverine and Spider man have a cameo in #6.
A completely happy writer: HP - deathly hallowslar_laughs on January 4th, 2013 06:22 am (UTC)
I WANT TO READ THAT LAVENDER STORY! Does the part you have done exist anywhere? I've had this thing for Lavender ever since my Ron got together with her in an RP I did eleventy thousand years ago. That sounds like an epic and amazing story, though!
inkvoices: hp:hogwarts magicinkvoices on January 4th, 2013 11:40 pm (UTC)
Well that's one person encouraging me to finish the thing :D What I have is a 16,000 word Word doc with a bunch of story that was written two years ago, notes, snippets of dialogue etc. It needs a rewrite though, because a) I want more Seamus, Dean, and Luna. At the moment there's a lot of OC happening and those three advance more plot that I want to add, about what's happening outside St Mungo's. b) I'm thinking of changing the atmosphere, maybe making it all more hectic with overworked staff, parents sleeping on the floor next to their kids, more of a 'oh my god, we had a war' than the mostly organised hospital I had at the moment. So, darker, heavier. c) I need more of Lavender's evolution, bring it out more.

Oh, and the big d) I write better now lol.

I never posted any of it, because I have a fear of posting a WIP that I never finish. If you want the doc, I can send it to you, as long as you're well warned that it's a mess ;)

I wrote a Lavender fic a couple of years back, but this one was whre I started to really think about her, then I got sucked into other fandoms. Ron though, very fond of Ron. And I always wanted to write a fic in which he becomes an Unspeakable *grins*.
A completely happy writer: HP - Luna patronuslar_laughs on January 6th, 2013 03:51 am (UTC)
I will throw cookies at you to finish the other story! Okay, not AT you. But near you. Within reach.

I was going to exchange you stories (you finish that one and I will find one to finish) but I went looking through my archives and I don't have an HP story that I WANT to finish. The only major one I ever did was back in the early days of HP for me and it was an awful Neville/Ginny that had no real plot because I didn't know what plot was back then. But I can always come up with something new. There have been HP stories I've wanted to attempt that have been poking at me lately.

I'd love to see if you want to send it on. And I love the other story!
inkvoices: hp:hufflepuff_bunnytheoryinkvoices on January 7th, 2013 01:11 am (UTC)
I want to say yes, cookies or no cookies, but I'm going to make no promises as to finishin Harry Potter fics *sigh* safer that way. It's on the to-do list though, and it just got moved up a few places.

Oh, gosh, you don't have to do exhanges, but mutual encouragement is always a blast. If you have anything you want to finish, whatever the fandom, but it isn't happening, how about that?

The only Neville/Ginny I did was also an Albus/Elphias fic for an exchange. I had no idea if anyone would enjoy that mix other than my requester, but it seemed to go over okay, phew.

Thinky thoughts are always most welcome, as long as you know it's a mess. Do you want it as a Word doc or something else? Because I remember you said you didn't have Word.
A completely happy writer: HP - Luna patronuslar_laughs on January 7th, 2013 04:00 am (UTC)
I don't have Word but I can convert it to Google Docs easy enough. It's just a pain for line by line edits. In this instance, I don't think you'd need line by line so I'll take it whatever way you want to send it!

And don't bump it up too far. HP stories just don't get the love they used to. It would be horrible to spend time and effort on something that has to play on the swings by itself. *sigh* How sad!
inkvoicesinkvoices on January 7th, 2013 06:00 pm (UTC)
Alrighty, sent you the Lavender mess as a Word file. Hope you get some enjoyment out of it. Feel free to comment or splurge thinky thoughts or not; just nice for it to get out and see some daylight :)

Some stories I write just for me, because I want or need to. For the rest, as long as there's at least one person who gets some joy from it, I don't really mind, and in writing it I'm sure I'll have learnt something, so I get some joy too. I've never been a big name fan, or whatever they're called, I just like sharing and joining in. Lots of people liking something I'd created would be brilliant, sure, but I can live off one person liking it :D
purely_distelpurely_distel on January 6th, 2013 01:50 am (UTC)
*does a lot of squee* I basically agree with most of what you wrote. Not necessarily Xmen (kinda never got into that, dunno why) and Torchwood was never a fandom I was involved in more than when it was connected to DW but yeah, I know how you feel. I personally LOVED COE, but kinda was never able to forgive them for killing off Tosh and Owen ... and I hated Miracle Day ... I mean, not hated-hated. It just seemed so ... pointless. Also, I prefer DW-Jack to TW-Jack ... oh, I could go on and on *laughs*

I agree, again, with Harry Potter. It will be eternally a world that will feel like a second home to me, but I am at a point where I can't do the fandom anymore, haven't really for a long time, way before the films ended (though I still walked around like a zombie the rest of the day after the last film, kinda unable to grasp that is was OVER ya know) ... but it's still ... it's Harry Potter. It is the reason my english isn't shit ...

OK, it's been about 5 hours since I wrote the above bit. In between, my best friend walked in and we had a lengthy talk about her boyfriend (She, her boyfriend and me have been living together in my flat for the past 2.5 years) and how she is basically about to break up with him so ... I have no idea really, how to continue this comment ... so I'm just gonna leave it as it is ;)
inkvoices: torchwood:bloody torchwoodinkvoices on January 7th, 2013 01:03 am (UTC)
I like the X Men because of all the fun dialogue, both in the films and comics, and the whole idea of mutants...there's so many superheroes that became one by choice or accident, and then teams of them are all odd original stories, but with the X Men they're all people, not always heroes, and they're mutants because of evolution, just because that's how the wheel has turned, and I find that a fascinating point to start from. Joss Whedon's run on the Astonishing X Men is brilliant and needs no proir knowledge, if you ever feel the urge to try :) Otherwise, if you're interested in how evoltion might change things, could I interest you in Greg Bear's Darwin's Radio and Darwin's Children? They're science fiction novels, heavy on the science, interesting characters and ideas.

Torchwood, YES, as part of Doctor Who, expanding the world, I loved it as a concept. The reality wasn't always good writing or plots *sigh*. I love parts of Children of Earth, but the shakey parts were really shakey, and whilst the deaths we had hurt that was often a good punch to the gut, just, how they took it afterwards, it all kind of unravelled and wasn't always handled well. Ah well. There's some good fix-it fics :)

I still read some Harry Potter fics and have ideas, just none of it seems urgent, y'know?

Okay, woah, awkward. Even more awkward if he's still going to be living with you both :S Good luck!
no matter how improbablecharlottetrips on January 13th, 2013 05:12 pm (UTC)
So randomly came across this post in searching for Bourne Legacy reactions and just was struck by how many fandoms we had alike! And then I saw you'd written a ton of fan fiction in said fandoms so I decided to stay and be a friend so I can get through all of them. Hope you don't mind :)
inkvoices: avengers:past behind you hug (C/N)inkvoices on January 14th, 2013 03:22 pm (UTC)
Hello, hello, hello!

I only just watched Bourne Legacy over Christmas, so I missed the reaction posts myself. (THE HANDHOLDING! Ahem.) I'd been chatting with a few new friends from the Avengers fandom and realised that people didn't know what other fandoms I was in, and so, this post :)

Um, I might have written a bundle, but I can't say they're all good :/ LJ is where I like to archive everything, so. There's gotta be at least a few good ones in there though, right? *grins*. Mind? Hell no. Enjoy :D And feel free to tell me what you think!
no matter how improbable: random mochacharlottetrips on January 15th, 2013 07:22 am (UTC)
HANDHOLDING! I know!! My friend and I walked out of the movie thinking how CUTE the movie had been. It's a reaction that my husband and other boys totally didn't get :)

I'm sure I'll have a fine time exploring what you have here. Of course I'll let you know any feedback! Thanks for having me here! :)