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25 January 2013 @ 05:33 pm
this needs to be shared!  
THOR ON AN ELEPHANT, anuna_81 has written a fic called I wanna read you (like a good book, baby) (explicit content (sex and language); established Clint/Natasha; pre movie) that references, and was influenced by, my fic The Child Takers (R, follow link for warnings)! My flail, it is epic and ongoing!

anuna_81 took the bit She can talk about films and art that she has never seen, books that she has never read, places where she has killed but never taken the time to truly look or explore. She is required to know and that is all. and wrote a hot, steamy, literary, oh my gosh, seriously full of literary/reading/wordy references thing of beauty.

The summary is: Clint takes all of her in, from head to toe, and feels a bit like he's standing in sunshine. Not the blistering kind. Nice evening glow that's just warm enough to settle into. (Aka, Clint comes home tired and goes to bed, but doesn't sleep.) And it contatins such gorgeous phrasing as Reading, reading, reading; finally getting to know all those books she could talk about, but had never held in her hands. and Some books are too good not to be reread, he thinks distantly when she kisses him, slow and hot. Some chapters stick to your fingers and burn a mark on your mind, and you come back for more. Always come back for more. YES ALL OVER <3
I'm not weird, I'm limited edition: scarlett_blowing kissesanuna_81 on January 25th, 2013 07:13 pm (UTC)

You know I hoped you would be okay with me taking one of your awesome gorgeous lines and turning it around like I did and using it as a motif in my own work (God, you're so generous and amazing and how are you so good to me??? People don't say stuff like that about my fics OMG, you!!!)

Also. Leave it to me to take something out of serious, dark-ish character study and turn it into porn. *hides*

I am SO DAMN HAPPY YOU LIKE IT. I was thinking the whole time OMG she might like this. Yay, and you really do! Awesome!!!

*glomps you*

PS, you have a ridiculously long PM about dancing waiting for you. What even is that thing!
inkvoices: avengers:past behind you hug (C/N)inkvoices on January 27th, 2013 07:02 pm (UTC)
OF COURSE I RECCED IT <3 I love it, and on its own merit. Literary love + master assassins love = SQUEEEEE

I find porn difficult to write, so go you *grins*.

I LOVED IT :D *twirlws you*

Y'know, I keep working on replying to stuff in my inbox and clearing it, but yours require extra thinky thoughts or time to think and you take over my inbox and I love that. Which is to say I have a shit load of dancing AU in my inbox woooo!
I'm not weird, I'm limited edition: scarlett_blowing kissesanuna_81 on January 27th, 2013 07:10 pm (UTC)
Ahhh, I always cause trouble, don't I? Metaphorical trouble, that is. *G* The thing is, I started writing dancing AU yesterday and right now I am "Okay WHAT EVEN AM I DOING OMG SOMEONE HELP ME" so I might flail at you and bounce thoughts off if that's okay. But I've got the music figured out! Which is awesome because I can't write a thing like that without music. *nods* (On thinky thoughts, YES PLEASE I shall wait patiently. I hope my spamming of your inbox didn't freak you out because I can spam like a boss.)

Smut is so easy for me. LOL, don't tell anyone! I like writing it because it's usually happy or comforting or something good and positive, and it's intense... communication between people involved. And there's honesty and raw emotions and connection, because that's how I roll, that's what I like to write, and it's hot. But dialogue, banter, flirting, those things require work. Sometimes LOT of work. Smut, on the other hand, just *pooof* happens.
inkvoices: avengers:woman I love youinkvoices on January 27th, 2013 07:36 pm (UTC)
Woman, I love your trouble, you troublemaker you :D And you're inspiring me to just get on and WRITE DAMNIT with your incredible productivity. Which can only be a good thing! I've read the dancing fic (YAY!) bit that you sent me and message you about what you want to do from that, and I'm working my way through the message full of music - that one's gonna take me longer, heh, but yes, thinky thoughts, wow. SPAM MY INBOX HARDER ;D

I like dialogue. I'm not always happy with it when I write it, but a lot of my fics started because I had a little exchange in my head between some characters :)