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18 May 2008 @ 12:23 am
'Favourites' Meme-age  
I have three exams over two days in two days.  I can remember random snippets of information about lots of things, but not enough specific information about one thing, so the prospect of spending two days writing a bunch of essays that ought to be at least five pages long is daunting, to say the least.  My back-up plan, if I find my brain has completely leaked out of my ears, is to write a story instead of an essay, which will gain me no marks whatsoever but will at least fill a minimum of five pages coherently.  (Imagine my Geographies of Health and Health Care exam essay could be 'the end of the world cometh with a plague').

So, to avert brain-freeze, here's some meme-age (and tagging whoever fancies having a go):

1) What is your Favourites made up of?
2) Choose five links to stories/fics from your Favourites.
3) Explain why you have each link saved. (Because it's your favourite story, or you're waiting until you can think coherently to review it, or because you haven't read it yet and want to, or...?)

My Favourites list is about 85% fiction related links: to fanfiction, lists of fanfiction recs, writing resources, author's homepages etc.  Another 10% is links to geographical type articles, news et al and the rest is links to email accounts, a few youtube videos and web comics.

My five story links:

1. Transfigurations  by Resonant, HP verse, Harry/Draco, NC17, 400k
Someone sent me a link to this story because it has the same title as one of my fics, which worried me a little until they said that this story was nothing like mine.  They also said that it was really good, but since it's 400k i'm waiting for a 'rainy day' to read it.

2. Under the Ivy by coffeejunkii, HP verse, Harry/Draco, PG13, short story
This is one of the many stories that I read and loved that were on lj before I had an lj account and I keep meaning to go back and comment on them all. *comments on this one now*  Harry has a speech disability, Draco has a physical disability and they live in Remus' house, all very tastefully written.

3. The Two-Step of Death by lady_game, HP verse, PG13, Gen, 10x100 (drabble collection)
And another. *comments on this one now as well*  (I really need to put aside a day to work my way through all of these!)

4. Stranger Things by websandwhiskers, PG13, short story, crossover Buffy/HP
This was recommended by the coffee and chocolate site, I think.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Remus Lupin in an employment office.  Something about this fic just tickled me and I keep going back to reread it to see if I can figure out why.

5. The Early Years by L. Burke, PG13(?), mostly Gen, x men verse
This is kind of cheating, because this is a link to a series rather than to one story, but they're really funny and witty and never fail to cheer me up - this is part of my 'make the day better' happy list of fics.  ;o)  Bascially, it's a collection of stories about Xavier's original students in the 'early days' of the school.  Mayhem occurs.  (You don't have to have any knowledge of the X Men verse to read them, although I had watched the films.)
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