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27 April 2013 @ 10:15 pm
that film everyone's seeing, and other geekery  
I went to see Iron Man 3 today! It's hilarious, exciting, twisty, full of fun dialogue and banter, and all round superb. And for the love of all things, stay until the very end of the credits because the extra scene is a gem.

Fun times and hilarity with friends and geeky shopping also happened:

I need to chat about comics sometime (and the friends that I've been corrupting *grins*) because I've been diving into those. We all picked up more today, heh. Also I keep having bizare conversations with strangers in comic book shops. Not that I don't have bizare conversations with strangers anyway, but today one was about death by hamsters with two people who worked there and a bunch of people queuing up to pay.

One of my friends brought a belated birthday gift for me - an 'Barton's School of Archery' t-shirt from Redbubble, an exploding Vincent Van Gogh TARDIS travel pass case, and a key ring with The Key from The Hobbit on it!!!

I used my Waterstones points (finally lol) to get the novel Shift, which is the sequel to Wool by Hugh Howey, because I read Wool all in one sitting on Thursday. It's imaginative, rich in details, has compelling characters, twists where you don't expect it, plays with you expectations, and is un-put-downable. No, really, I couldn't put it down.

And tonight is also new Doctor Who, so I'm gonna go watch that now.

Hello today and the people in it, thank you for existing :D
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A completely happy writer: Happy (Lindsay Stirling)lar_laughs on April 30th, 2013 04:44 am (UTC)
HOW did I completely miss that shirt??? What an awesome collection of presents!

I'm going to have to buy Wool. It looks so interesting!

I haven't seen the last two episodes of Doctor Who but my DW on Facebook were RAVING about that last episode!
inkvoices: avengers:sjohansson smile black&whiteinkvoices on May 1st, 2013 07:37 pm (UTC)
Me and my other half got her a 'I am SHERLOKI'D' t-shirt for her birthday, so I think geekware has become a thing now. I like this *grins*. I am very lucky in my friends *hugs you all*.

Wool sucked me into the world and messed with my head just in the prologue/first section. It's brilliant and on my recommend to everyone! list. And considering that chat we were having the other day about apocalyptic and dystopian futures, this should be right up your street :D

I quite enjoyed the ghost one - it made me jumpy, some fun dialogue, but it felt a bit, hmm, rushed/crammed at the end. Last saturdays, the journey to the centre of the TARDIS, I think is the tightest scriptwriting so far this half season (since the Christmas special) but my favourites of season seven so far are still Asylum of the Daleks, Angels in Manhetten, and the Christmas special. Apparently next week we get Jenney and Vastra again though, so :D and there should be another Neil Gaiman episode at some point.
A completely happy writer: DW - got my spaceship got my boyslar_laughs on May 2nd, 2013 04:09 am (UTC)
THIS is the shirt I have coming. I've been looking for the perfect Firefly tshirt and I think this is the one! I think the only thing cooler would be if I could get it in brown instead of black.

I'm watching Hide right now (I'm so behind!) and I can't believe that Dougray Scott is in it and I never realized that before! I would have jumped on it a lot quicker!

Neil's been talking about his episode on his Tumblr feed but only little glimpses. Just enough to get me excited about another Neil episode!!!