inkvoices (inkvoices) wrote,

you know that pacific rim/avengers thing I started on tuesday?

That moment when you get an AO3 alert saying that one of your favourite authors has just posted the first chapter of a fic that promises to be made of brilliance, but you're already writing a fic that is somewhat similiar, so you feel you can't read that chapter because it might influence your own fic and you don't want it to, but you really want to read that chapter, and you know for a fact that whatever they've written is bound to be far superior to anything that you could come up with anyway, so you may as well just give up on yours and read theirs, only you have over 5,000 words already written and you're at least focussing on a different main pairing, but new fic of brilliance and...

...yeah. That moment.

Also, on an far from unrelated note, I need a LJ mood that is 'headless chicken'.
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