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Icon Meme

Snagged from inksplotched because icons are love. 

What kind of account do you have (Basic, Plus, Paid, etc.)? Paid with extra icons on top.

That gives you how much icon space? 105

Are you happy with this amount, or do you want more?  I can't have anymore, lol, but I really love icons, so more space would be wonderful, but I doubt I'd use them all.

And how many icons do you currently have?  102

Default icon:

Funniest icon(s):

Saddest icon(s):

Happiest icon(s):

Angriest icon(s):
The Lizzie 'murder them all' is more exasperated, I think, and the others are more 'determined' than 'angry', but there you go.

Oldest icon:

Newest icon(s):

Currently most-used icon(s):

Post any animated icons you may have:
Only the one, and I didn't actually know it was animated when I ran off with it. 

Post any text-only icons:

Post any icons of couples/pairings or sex-related icons:

Post any icons that contain curse words:

Mild swearing, if that really.

Post any music related (bnads, musicians, instruments, etc) icons:

Post any icons from tv shows:
I have no Bones or House, MD icons, which is shameful, but many Firefly ones...

Post any icons from movies:

Post any icons of celebs:

How many icons of men/boys do you have?  19

How many icons of women/girls do you have?  28

How many of men/boys and women/girls together?  10

How do you credit the icon maker?  "by whoevermadetheicon" in the comments

How do you organise (keywords) your icons?  Fandom initials, such as 'hp' for Harry Potter or 'F' for Firefly, followed by a group tag if I have a lot of icons of the same thing, such as 'weasley' or 'hermione', followed by some sort of identifier.  eg: hp:hermione smile

Do you ever make your own icons?  It's been know to happen, but I'm not very good at it.

Do you have more textless icons or icons with text?  69 out of 102 icons have some form of text altering or overlaying the original image.

Lastly, post the icons (if any) that you haven't already:
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