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26 April 2014 @ 09:34 pm
"definitely going to need a costume"  
> I put aside the many, many *whimpers* unfinished fics that I've been working on to start my remix fic today. First draft is now completed, at 1460 words. HA! It's only a first draft, but I actually finished something! I also jotted down some notes for an Avengers fusion with the Lazarus comics, because, y'know, I needed more unfinished fic ideas *shakes head at self*.

> I read The Maze Runner by Jame Dashner, because we caught a trailier of the film at our last cinema trip and it looked good. Alas, I was sadly disappointed. [SPOILERS]The plot is mediocre and I thought there would be more of a twist with the maze puzzle. I wasn't made to care about the characters. And there's only one girl. Who's in a coma for most of the book. And there's no plot point reason for this. The fact that a girl shows up is apparently a big, end of days, everything will now change sign. Um, no, that is not what the introduction of a female character should be just because she's female without any plot reason at all. If any girls at all are part of these war games, then why is there only one? And what's with the solving everything surprise telepathy? Okay, I own the remaining two books in the trilogy as I got them as a set in The Works, so I'll see if they get better. On a day when I feel like wasting my time with them.

> Comics this week: Lazarus 8 (if you're a fan of dystopian stories and detailed worldbuilding and you're not reading this comic then you're seriously missing out), What If? Age of Ultron 4 (vaguely interesting thoughts on a superhero as a concept instead of an individual), Original Sin 0 (I haven't read Nova yet and I've never read much about the Watcher and I still found this raised a few feels), Guardians of the Galaxy 14 (YAY [spoiler]Captain Marvel to the rescue! Yay Groot! Uh, okay, future story), and Elektra 1 (the art in this is a thing of beauty, gorgeous colours and really dynamic. Just, I don't think this story is for me. This is the opposite problem to my not liking the art of She-Hulk *head desk*. I may try the next issue, for the gorgeous, gorgeous art).

> Recs: I haven't been able to get this MCU vid, Hey Ho, by thuviaptarth out of my head. How to describe...it takes the legacy of heroes and war and provides a new perspective, with spot on musical to image timing, great choices of moments to showcase, and is really thought provoking.

On the fic front hurrah for card games by recessional (PG, no Winter Soldier spoilers) is Maria, Steve, Clint, and Natasha playing poker, which goes about as hilariously as you'd expect. Next New Message by fabrega (Teen and Up, definitely Winter Solider spoilers) is one of the most amusing where-was-Clint stories to happen post Cap 2. And in Breakfast for Dinner by thingswithings Teen and Up, nothing to do with Winter Soldier) Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) joins the MCU Avengers in a ridiculous, amusing, wonderful story (which makes me wish once again for more ladies in everything) - today's title from this!

> And in case you didn't already know, Joss Whedon released his latest film, In Your Eyes, worldwide on vimeo. You can see the tralier and rent it HERE. I also managed to watch the first three minutes somewhere on vimeo following a trailer link, but I can't find that one again, bah. If the internet likes me I'm going to try and watch this tonight :)
Snicksnickfic on April 27th, 2014 02:51 am (UTC)
I JUST started reading Lazarus last week (thanks to Image's Eisner sale), and I really like it! I read the first four-issue arc, and I'm saving the remaining issues for a rainy day.
inkvoices: girl reading sunshineinkvoices on April 27th, 2014 12:51 pm (UTC)
I love Lazarus! The detail that goes into the world building and the extrapolation from current day innovations, wow, and the character building, how Forever is built like a woman who can actaully kick ass as she does, just, yes!
Snicksnickfic on April 27th, 2014 02:44 pm (UTC)
Forever is built like a woman who can actaully kick ass as she does

YES. None of this "tiny woman with magic ninja powers" business. She is brute force in human form, and it shows.

Also, I really really loved her dynamic with Joacquim. They were such adorable super soldiers together!
Atlas of Cloudsfranztastisch on April 27th, 2014 08:42 am (UTC)
You had me at Lazarus crossover. :P I sort of what to write a Clint/Natasha old kingdom/Sabriel fusion crossover thing, because I've just been rereading Sabriel and, oh my word, I'd forgotten how good those books were.

I haven't started me remix yet, mainly because who I got means I'm drowning in feelings of inadequacy. But we'll get there, I'm sure.

And yes! I read the maze runner and it's possibly the worst book I've read in a while. Just, almost everything about it pissed me off.

And thanks for the heads up about... Well, fic and films and shizz. :P I'm on my phone right now though, so I can't watch the new Joss trailer. But I'll snoop through all your recs as soon as I am able. :D
inkvoicesinkvoices on April 27th, 2014 12:59 pm (UTC)
These days I can't watch or read anything without translating it into an Avengers AU or fusion *head desk*. I have issues! Ooo, a Sabriel fusion, I would read this :D The second book especially of that trilogy was a huge love of mine when I was younger, with the library...okay, now you're making me want to reread them :P I know I still have them somewhere.

Aww, I know who you have for remix. And you're gonna come up with something wonderful, I know it :) Mine is an AU of an AU. because frea_o challenged me to, heh. I have no idea how much sense this thing is gonna make, and I seriously need to go over it and make it fit back to the original Clint and Natasha because I think it's now drifted too far.

I was not expected it to be this bad :S I'd heard good things and the trailer looked interesting. But it's bad.

I like doing heads up posts. I get to chat to people about fun things :D I watched the Joss film last night and I have it on again today, since you get to rent it for something like 72 hours. I'll do a review post in a bit, but I like it :)
Atlas of Clouds: booksfranztastisch on April 27th, 2014 05:33 pm (UTC)
Hahha I have that too. Hence why I ended up with a crossover with Johnothan Strange and Mr Norrell fusion. :P As to this one, I was thinking as Natasha as a Clayr and Clint as some bastard offspring of the Royal line on Sameth's side and therefore a Wallmaker. Because I adore the idea of the Wallmakers, because they make things. And I too loved the Library of the Clayr! Though I always prefered Sabriel and Sameth to Lirael. But I think Mogget wins. Moggets always wins. :D

Oh! An AU of an AU eh? Sounds interesting. And I'm going to ahve a day where I reread all my remixer's stories. Hopefully that'll kickstart something.

I know! I just got more and more angry the further I read. And then I had to finish it just so I could be well informed when slating it.