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In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes is the new film written and produced by Joss Whedon, Directed by Brin Hill and staring Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David. It was released worldwide online at the same time as it premiered, which is another twist in media from Joss. It'll be interesting to see how that pans out. You can see the trailer and rent it for 72 hours on vimeo HERE. Streaming quality does, alas, depend on your internet connection. I played it in standard def late at night and it only stopped maybe three times, so I just paused it for a moment and then it was fine. Apparently some people have had a problem where it cuts out before the end. If you don't see the credits roll, it's not the end.

The non-spoiler review is that it throws an original twist on the supernatural concept it plays with, the actors are great, and the soundtrack is excellent. It has the trademark Whedon wit although it didn't contain the levels of banter than I expected, rather a very huamn and believable romance that left me with thoughts and feelings on what love really is.

Some initial thoughts and reactions:

"I think he thinks I'm having an affair." Do we know if Phillip puts Becky away because he thinks she's having an affair or because he thinks she's mentally ill? Either way I believe he does think that he's helping her. That's the point for me, that Phillip has set himself up as Becky's protector, but taken it far too far. (The condescendion in the 'big word' moment in the hospital, woah.) The institution, misguided or not, as the bad guy is of course a theme of Whedon's (and you can see the Whedon themes in In Your Eyes here) but this does set Philip up as 'The Institution', the Doctor, the authority, rather than the husband. I find him more a roadblock to the romance between Becky and Dyllan because he's the sanity, the normal, as it were rather than because he's her husband and she loves him. When she says, "I need to be with him" even and how she says to her friend in the drawing class that she can't have an affair because she's married... It's the institution of marriage, or this normal life, of Phillip as someone to tell her what's normal and how to live that way that she seems to be up against. It's interesting, but it does make Philip somewhat flat as a person.

Dyllan on the other hand is up against his own problems: the intitution of crime, as represented by the brothers, and the parole system. The life of crime that could get him the money to live a life that he actually wants and the parole system that prevents him for doing do, and from travelling to see Becky. And it's curious that our parole office here is never nice or encouraging in any way. He himself is another condescending intitutional representation.

"The only thing I like about me is you." I love what this film has to say about love. That it's when we see through each other's eyes that we make a connection, and that it's about meeting someone who sees you as something wonderful and wanting to live up to that image someone else has of you. Rather than having to force yourself into the image someone wants you to be (ie. Phillip and the Parole Officer's ideals). Oh yes, and doing this means that you're crazy.

I have some frustration with the ending. Because yes, it's art house, I get that the endings are meant to make me thing and the ultimate ending is that these two finally meet and physically connect. BUT the pratical part of mind reminds me that there's a whole world of trouble on their heels. Either it's not going to end well or I need a little after credits scene, or something, an image of somewhere in Canada, to tell me that it's going to be alright. Although, yes, they're always together, I get it. Just. Endings!

I'm sure other things will emerage from me mulling this over *grins*. Talk to me about this film?
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