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> I watched X Men: Days Of Future Past with the geek group yesterday. I think this is my favourite X Men film of the lot!

I had some concerns that it might turn out to be a sausage fest, especially with Logan being the one going back in time instead of Kitty like in the comics. And yes, it's Logan, young Charles, and Hank ganging up with young Eric and Quicksilver in the past whilst in the future Kitty is the one doing the work, but kind of in the background whilst Storm and Blink join the guys in defending their position, in admitedly excellent battle scenes, but it's the older Charles and Eric as the main focus. BUT. The whole storyline revolves around Raven/Mystique. The events in Cuba were ten years ago and in the meantime Raven has left both Charles and Eric to go her own path. If she takes her revenge, the future goes dark. Cue all the mens telling her what to do. BUT. Raven gets to make her own mind up. And also? If X Men First Class was Eric being James Bond this film is Raven being more Bond than Eric could ever be. Go Raven :)

In addition, we get a plot situated in history and a LOT of fantastic dialogue and humour. Most of which is lauhging at the boys. And an ending which wipes the awful that was X3 off the map. I laughed and smiled a lot during this film.

As for the extra credit scene, we had a hilarious chat with a guy who worked in the cinema about that, because he's watching everyone's reactions to it each time and greatly enjoying the WTF? that happens. The extra credit scene is a young Apocalypse scene. Which doesn't really have anything to do with anything apart from the fact that the next X Men film is Age of Apocalypse. And unless you can remember his original olde worlde name? Then you're like me and had to check after to see who the hell he was supposed to be.

...and now I have nostalgia for the X Men fandom.

> The other week I also watched Transcendence. Trailer here. It's a thinky film on artificial intelligence, how far we can/should go to change the world, and love. I enjoyed it, although there are some plot holes you could drive a truck through.

> I was also introduced to anime this week by my other half and a friend of his. Amusingly the film that they chose to start with, Ghost In The Shell, was far from as good as they'd remembered and they had sad faces afterwards. (Which I wish I'd photographed for posterity.) They're now searching for 'the good stuff' to redeem the genre.

> And have a bunch of fic recs:
Embiggen by thingswithwings (Gen) is Ms Marvel and America Chavez being brilliant.
It's All There in the Handbook by TrespassersWill (Gen) is an amusing set of graphics, which is the actual Stark Industries handbook with Pepper trying to get Tony to approve it.
Going Underground (Or: Five People Who Helped Save London, Even if They Didn't Know It) by CloudAtlas (aka franztastisch (Gen) is the missing scene/s of how Thor actually manages to make it to Greenwhich on the Underground. I should disclaimer that I beta read this, but it's hilarious and perfect, go read!
Escape Velocity by miss_pryss (Gen) is Lilo from Lilo and Stitch training to be a space adventurer as she grows up and, no, seriously, give this one a try.
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