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22 March 2015 @ 11:59 pm
Station Eleven and a Sherlock Holmes Tour  
Friday I went to see Emily St John Mandel at Waterstones in Liverpool for a Station Eleven book event. (March is a month of authors!) To my amusement she was interviewed by a guy who didn't ask many leading questions because he was too busy fanboying - I would be the same in his shoes, ha - but we learnt that she used to be a ballet dancer, the deer in the book has no significance there's just a lot of them in the area, she threw in the ghost moment just for fun, and she's currently writing the script for the comic featured in the book so hopefully that will get a life of its own. There was a lot of talk about book genres, as Station Eleven is one of those lovely books that are difficult to categorise, and technology as well as appreaciation of the now.

Her earlier books have now been released in the UK and the shop had stocked a bunch for the event, which was great because I've been looking for them without success since I finished Station Eleven.

Also, she looks really young, maybe 20, and I had that moment of 'how can she be that young and have written four books already, and have a husband and live in New York, and be all successful and have such a life?!' And I googled and found out she was born in 1979, so she's older than she looks and this made me feel a little better ;)

Then on Saturday I was under instructions to be at the train station bright and early for a surprise trip out, as a birthday present from a friend. The surprise turned out to be a day trip to London for a Sherlock Tour she'd put together! We started at the BBBC Sherlock's 221b with brunch in Speedy's, saw the actual 221b address, the Sherlock Holmes Museum, spent some time searching for that St Barts building at the end of the BBC season 2 and eventually found it (it's at the back of the hospital), and then went to the Sherlock Holmes exhibit at the Museum of London.

To enter the exhibit you "take the second bookcase on your right," which is the best directions I've ever been given, and it's full of fascinating things, including original manuscrips and notebooks for some of the stories, props from films and tv shows, and maps of the time used to write the stories with videos showing what taking those routes would look like in the modern day.

We also had ice cream. Because ice cream.

The BBC's 221B door and Mrs Hudson's cafe, where we had brunch:

The actual 221B address, which alas is rather boring these days:

The Sherlock Holmes Museum:

In the Museum of London exhibition - my favourite painting:

'Poverty' map of London at the time (so many maps!):

I was amused by this:

The Coat:

And we did eventually find the right St Barts building (with my friend hiding at the bottom of the photo):

Atlas of Clouds: booksfranztastisch on March 23rd, 2015 11:54 am (UTC)
I would be insulted that you came to London without telling me but this is so awesome and sweet that I can't be. :P

ALSO: Charles Booth's Poverty Maps of London are some of the best things ever.

I'm also so looking forward to reading Station Eleven. I just have... a bunch of other books to read first. :P
inkvoices: avengers:jane book loveinkvoices on March 26th, 2015 09:31 pm (UTC)
To be fair I didn't know I was going to London until I was in London ;)

I hadn't seen them before! Love them. Yay for maps!

I know, I know. I also have very many books to read. But. Station Eleven has become one of my favourites and is the best book I've read so far this year. Just sayin' :p
Atlas of Clouds: booksfranztastisch on March 26th, 2015 10:20 pm (UTC)
Aww that's so cool. I want someone to surprise-take me somewhere. :P

I'm getting there! You should see my "to buy" list of books. And it doesn't include comics or TPs or... well almost any of the non fiction I want. Gahhh. But I'm reading the Mabinogion now. Yay! Welsh folklore!