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05 August 2015 @ 10:49 pm
AU Avengers Fics  
On the downside, the update I keep meaning to post hasn't happened yet, but on the plus side that's because fic has taken priority ;) I've written two in the past couple of weeks, both around 5000 words and both for the AU Exchange on be_compromised. The Masterlist is here and what i've read so far is seriously fantastic stuff. My gift was a wonderful apocalyptic AU with gorgeous writing and hope and I love it to pieces:

take the sky from me by sweetwatersong (PG13)
Summary: The end came as an announcement, a promise, a future of burning worlds and expanding stars. The end came and there wasn't enough room to save all of them, weren't enough ships to bring everyone beyond the reach of a hungry red sun.
But it isn't the end, not quite. Not yet. And there are stars still left in the sky...

The first of the fics I wrote I had a lot of trouble with, because I took the prompt Natasha is like Hawkeye and Clint is like the Black Widow and decided that I didn't want to swap them in a way that they'd just become almost opposite genders of themselves, but instead to see how the same personalities/basic characters would be different with a different background. So I swapped their ages, their countries of birth, and Clint gets Red Room influences whilst Natasha was the one who joined SHIELD. The difficulty came when suddently with Natasha being the older one their age gap seemed larger - funny how that works - and because young!MCU!Clint kept trying to be comics!Clint, because I always had Clint who didn't have his life together yet being comics!Clint. In the end I went with young!MCU!Clint knowing where his life was going and having a plan even he wasn't there yet vs comics!Clint just being a mess. Anyway, this was the result:

by inkvoices for sandrasfisher
Rating/Warnings: Explicit [Spoiler (click to open)]sexy times, f-word swearing, mind games and brainwashing, assassins are assassins, (canon) age difference, off-screen in the past children handcuffed and made to shoot people
Summary: Isn’t it the same story whichever way you spin it? Tell me again, from the beginning.
Natasha Romanoff, born in America in January of 1971, doesn’t kill the kid who at some point came to be known as Clint Barton, born thirteen years after her in Russia. Instead she brings him in to SHIELD.
Author Notes: Thanks to franztastisch for (very speedy) beta reading and encouraging me to meet the Monday posting challenge.

“Tell me, from the beginning.”
“I have told you. And I’ve told you that I’m probably telling it wrong.”

My second fic was a pinch hit that has seriously gotten away from me, because now I find myself writing a WIP. I have lots of long works in progress, this isn't unusual, but I haven't started posting any of them. So now thinking about this fic makes me the adrenalin rushing kind of scared. Eep. It's a UK University AU with a huge cast and a long outline. So far my research has taken my back to my uni days (did we really...yes we did), working out various routes in google maps (consider that a teaser), and figuring out how the hell you qualify for Olympic archery anyway (thanks Kate).

these are the days
by inkvoices for krilymcc
Rating/Warnings: PG13; part one may be triggering for money issues or social anxiety
Summary: Natasha came to Dunelm University with a plan. This plan did not include a roommate with no respect for privacy, an Olympic archer and his pizza stealing dog, or taking part in any crazy student fundraising.
Otherwise entitled: how Natasha survives her first year at university and learns not to let her degree get in the way of her education.
Author Notes: This is a UK AU, because ‘write what you know’, and universities in the UK don’t have mixed gender rooms (although they do have mixed gender halls of residence or colleges), so Hawkeye is not Natasha’s roommate. The other Hawkeye is ;) I hope this meets with your approval.
HUGE thanks to franztastisch, Dunelm’s Professor of Beta Reading and President of the Cheerleading Society.
Disclaimer: The university in this fic has an uncanny resemblance to a certain university in the North East of England. (The quote don’t let your degree get in the way of your education comes from an ex-Chancellor.) No affiliation or offence is intended. That said, this is work of fiction, so also I made a lot of stuff up ;)

part one on LJ|WIP on AO3
“Oh, hey, I guess we're roommates!”
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