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X Men: Apocalypse

I watched X Men: Apocalypse yesteday. Non-spoiler reaction: oh my gosh, this film is ridiculous rubbish, but I had so much fun watching it. No, really, plot holes you can drive a bus through, fridged ladies, obvious plot exposition, cheesey dialogue, and yet all fun to mock. And amongst the mess some really nice moments and really amusing moments. If you enjoy X Men, yes even at least parts of the thid film, and yes even the Wolverine films, then I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy in this one too. I did.

A couple of thoughts:
- 80's Storm, all streetwise and with mohawk! YAY.
- shame we didn't get more Jubilee - she couldn't have gone with Jean, Scott, and Kurt?
- whilst we're on the topic of ladies, woah, complete fridging of Erik's family, I wanted to see more of Nina's gifts, what are you trying to do with Pietro's mum, and Pyslocke seems to be here just for the swimsuit. But oh the hilarity: Apocalypse spends ages on Angel's armour and wings and Psylocke just gets a swimsuit.
- Charles when talking about and to Moira, and Alex's facial expressions in Moira's office - oh Charles, fail.
- get your Star Wars references in this year everybody!
- "the third film is always the worst", bwahaha, yep, and this time around too apparently
- Kurt. And his thriller jacket. Bless.
- Pietro saving everyone and oh so casually, aww
- but not Alex, aww Alex. I guess since Scott appears to have parents this time around, or at least some kind of loving family, he had to get some family tradgedy. Also Angel, that had little impact? I was worried about Pietro for a while there...comments were made along the lines of 'oh come on, you can't kill him in both sets of films!'
- Erik gets the one allowed F-word and uses it well. Also points for the team Apocalypse entrance and reaction to Eriks 'no, don't try to stop me!'
- we're destroying Auschwitz? I'm...really not sure how I feel about that.
- oh, hello Logan! Hey, you have pants, well done. Bye Logan!
- Apocalypse is the reason Charlies loses his hair, but Storm gets the cool white hair. Sorry Charles, it really is the end of the world.
- Yes, Jean, tell everyone the plot. And keep telling us. Carry on.
- interesting how this time around Charles is all about Jean using her powers, and it'll be nice to see where that goes
- the end where the mansion gets rebuilt and Raven is trying the new X Men, YES PLEASE, I love the 'lego X mansion trope' - as in 'it should be made of lego to make it easier to rebuild, the number of times it gets destroyed' - and I want all the X kids and school shenanigans, please and thank you
- the rest of the world: yep, we have mutants, we knew this, have we been doing anything about it? Other than teaching about them in schools and torturing them in underground labs, I have no idea. Oh my god, the clean up is going to take forever, bloody mutants.
- Dr Essex in the after credits scene. Huh, does this mean they can do Cable and more time travel in the future to rework the timelines and reboot all over again if they want to? Because...okay, no, sure, the confusion acually amuses the hell out of me.

And now I feel the urge to reread old X Men fanfic, but the first set of films and comics fanfic, before all the Charles/Erik and back in the days when there were lots of X Kids shenanigan fics.

I leave you with one of my favourite X vids, an oldie but a goodie: these are the days (of miracle and wonder) by kaydeefalls. (Password is just above the vid.)
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