inkvoices (inkvoices) wrote,

Star Trek Beyond

Watched this one on Friday and damn but there are some good films this year.

It's a solid plot with humour and lots of banter, the special effects are of course great, and it's just really good fun. And the cast interactions, the writing and the acting of them, sell it. Also it feels more like the writing has gone back to Star Trek basics, where it's about being curious about the universe and figuring out clever solutions to problems - which are often off the wall considering the crazy situations that they get into. (If you had concerns after seeing the trailers, forget about them, because they spliced some stuff together there that ahahaha NO.)

This is my sister's fandom and I love watching her engage with these films: there was laughing outloud, giggles of glee, her hands went to cover her mouth, she was grabbing my arm, there was a fist pump in there at some point, and we stayed until the very final notes of the after credits music. Not for extra credit scenes - because there aren't any, although the space credits are pretty - but just because Star Trek. I'm gonna have to take her again :D

And at the end is In Loving Memory of Leonard Nimoy and For Anton.

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