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fic: ten times as long (to put yourselves back together)

I wrote a thing! For the franzi's and gecko's friends write for each other exchange. In which I attempted to write something post-Civil War and ended up writing post-Infinity War Civil War recovery fic. With a baby alien tree. Oh, and it ended up being far longer than I thought it would be. So that happened *grins*. Link to fic below and I recommend checking out the other fics in the exchange - some good stuff! My gift was we shall find a pleasure (in the dimness of the stars) by findthesea - an AU with Clint and Natasha as kids :D

Title: ten times as long (to put yourselves back together)
Rating/Warnings: PG13 (f-word level swearing, underage drinking - by a baby alien tree)
Length: 9350 words
Author Note: written for alphaflyer, beta read by the ever-encouraging franztastisch
Summary: “So, what you’re telling me is that this is a completely unknown form of plant and you’re worried because maybe aliens left it here or something?”
The plant blinks open wide eyes and wood cracks into a toothless smile of sleepy pleasure.
“Okay,” says Tony slowly. “Okay. So. Alien tree.”
The post-Infinity War Civil War recovery fic.

Tags: fanfiction: all, fanfiction: avengers

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