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Suicide Squad

Upfront, I am not a DC fan, of the comics or the movies, although I do like a bunch of stuff that falls under the Vertigo imprint and the Heath Ledger Batman movie was excellent. But I like to think I went into Suicide Squad on Friday night with a reasonably open mind and, following the trailer, a sense of optimism. However I'm sorry to report that it's just...not a good film.

It lacks plot, motivations, character development...and yep, it's sexist and racist. It feels like a bunch of YouTube videos, with punchy soundtracks, strung together - admitedly a few good videos and there's some nice colours and cinematography in there - but that does not a movie make. It's not edgy, it's not what it wants to be, and it's just not good.

It opens with a bunch of scenes trying to quickly introduce us to a pile of characters that doesn't give any of them enough screen time for me to care. Our team is formed by a kickass government lady and unless they do as they're told - which is to save some big name person, we don't know who - from the Big Bad then they'll be killed. The Big Bad, by the way, is a character that has gone rogue because they've been forced to join the team and threatened into doing as they're told. And the person they have to save turns out to be government lady. We then still don't learn enough about anyone to care, there is a HUGE LACK OF MOTIVES all over the show, there's rasicm towards the Mexican and the Japanese character, a pile of sexism - including Will Smith's character telling a guy to go smack his girlfriend around a bit to make her behave, never mind Harley Quinn in an abusive relationship with the joker - and some of the funniest parts of the trailer have been cut.

Best acting: Harley Quinn, the Joker, and the kickass government lady in charge, but they're still working with bad writing. Harley is in an abusive relationship, spends all the film basically waiting to be rescued by said abusive boyfriend, and when she saves the day at the end - by twisting people's perceptions of her, yes, thank you - it's to save her friends, which, wait, when did anyone become friends in this one day of action? Oh and Mexican guy also commits suicide to save his friends. The hell? Which isn't even that clear at first: see bad plot.

Rumours of deleted scenes suggest that the film would originally have been more sexist and racist, although Harley Quinn might have had more agency at the end by defying her abusive boyfriend to save her friends - although there's still no plot as to why the Squad are suddenly her friends.

If you're going to have a film about anti-heroes, or where bad guys are the protagonists, they still need plot and motivations. Even Guardians of the Galaxy had the simple I want to save the Universe because I'm one of the idiots living in it. And if you're going to have a film with a massive team up when your audience don't know any of them or care, that lack of plot and character development is going to bite. Also? There wasn't much in there that was even funny.</i>

So. People who're more DC fans than me might like it more, but then again you might be more disappointed if your favourite characters are stuck in this mess. You'll have to let me know. In the meantime I will try and remain optimistic for Wonder Woman.

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