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I'm still taking questions for the get to know your author meme if there's anything you want to ask me. I plan to write up a post with the answers at the weekend. In the meantime I am mulling them over!

And since the summer Prompathon at be_compromised is still taking prompts until the end of Sunday (nudge nudge, hint hint) I thought I'd ask you all about prompting, and things like promptathon vs leaving prompts in exchanges.

When I leave prompts in open things like promptathon, where there's no expectation of prompts being filled and there's no exchange, I don't see...fills as a gift. I like getting rid of ideas that I don't have the time to play with myself, generating new ideas, seeing what ideas everyone else comes up with, and if I manage to enable someone into getting creative that makes me all kind of happy. Then there's exchanges, where I like to give an idea of my likes and dislikes, and then sit back and forget that I'm going to get a gift until it arrives and then I'm super excited, look at what someone made for me. But as a writer I also know that it can be awkward writing for someone else in an exchange, so more recently I also think it's nice to leave some prompts as well as an but I'll love whatever you come up with. Sometimes I'll also use exchanges to hopefully try and get a particular type of story that I might fancy at the time.

How do people feel about prompts, and is that different as a reader to as a writer? Are there particular kinds of prompts that you particularly like leaving? Do you ever feel that your prompts need to fit in with the kind of prompts people are already leaving in an event, or that you can buck the trend and prompt whatever you like? Do you leave different kinds of prompts in open events than in exchanges? And basically any thinky thoughts around prompts and prompting :)

And of course if this inspires anyone to drop a few more prompts over at promptathon, well then excellent *grins*.

(Because it's fun chatting with internet friends, I'm trying to be better about posting on LJ, and there are so many writing/creating conversations we could be having!)
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