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Valentine Promptathon Fics and Graphic

The Valentine's Mini Promptathon over at be_compromised recently came to an end and I managed to complete a few things before the deadline this year, whoop whoop, so here you go - a new graphic and some new fics:

Title: The Path
Rating/Warning: PG (distressed Clint)
Length: collage graphic
Summary: Clint Barton, in all his messed up glory, joined a monastry in Tibet when he was twenty. Taught love for all beings, he would make a different call.
Author Note: The monastry featured is not actually in Tibet, it's in Bhutan. It's called the Taktshang Tiger's Nest monastry, which 'clings to a cliff 2,300ft about the Paro Valley floor', which seemed appropriate :) The Internet tells me the quotes are Budhist quotes; forgive me if they're not.

Link to image at the promptathon

Title: The Bowling Green Massacre
co-written with alphaflyer which was a lot of fun!
Rating/Warnings: Teen and up (typical MCU violence and swearing)
Length: 6569 words
Summary: Fallaces sunt rerum species. The truth isn’t all things to all people all of the time.
Authors Note: No cows were harmed in the making of this fic, although we can't say the same of the Brooklyn mafia. The views on protesters, capitalism and politics enunciated herein are strictly those of the characters.

Link to The Bowling Green Massacre on AO3

Title: both threat and promise
Rating/Warnings: Mature (for sex)
Length: 1414 words
Summary: For the prompt: There should be a word for a threat that is also a promise. Because that is what I want you to hold me down and do.

Link to both threat and promise on AO3
Tags: fanfiction: all, fanfiction: avengers, graphics, graphics: avengers
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