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Dear Writer Letter - Franzi & Gecko Fic Exchange

Dear Writer, Thank you for creating something for me! Seriously, whatever you feel like writing I'm just going to be happy that I enabled you into creating something and I hope you have fun with it. But since that's unhelpful, here's a few of my likes and dislikes:

I’ve listed some of my favourite characters in my requests, but other characters are also great, especially ladies and interesting character dynamics. I LOVE team-families and found family! I also like sass, banter, and fun dialogue, competency especially competent ladies, twists, AUs, misunderstandings and people not getting on straight away, friends to lovers, and the ridiculousness that is life. Diversity is great: gender, sexuality, disability, all the things. I love both canon compliant fics with lots of details and tie-in moments AND playing fast and loose with canon, different interpretations, and all manner of AUs.

Gen fics, ship fics, and threesomes are all fair game; just make me believe in it. Infinite variety in infinite combinations :) When it comes to sexytimes feel free to include them or not; sub/dom and bondage, sensual and worshipping, or sex being ridiculous and messy all welcome. And emotions/feels are always welcome.

I enjoy all kinds of genres – comedy, serious fic, hurt/comfort – but I’m in the kind of mood at the moment where I’d like everyone to be okay by the end, so if not a happy ending I'd like at least a hopeful ending.

I’d rather not read or write: major character death, baby!fic (accidental acquisition of a baby or kid for humour and/or emotional developement of characters = yes, pregancy and domestic fic = not this time thanks), incest, character bashing, and second person narrative.

If you’re after something more specific or prompt orientated feel free to use or ignore any of these:
> anything set in a circus/carnival, especially the kind of loud crazy outfits, glitter and make-up, performers, asexual/bi-sexual.who care because everyone is whatever they like in this place, piercings or tattoos or colourful hair, wearing things to the supermarket at 3am that make people stare, colourful accepting alternative circus lifestyle in the best sense of the world. But really I will love ANYTHING circus/carnival *grins*.
> supernatural/fairytale, especially where one character is supernatural or fey and another character isn't initially aware of this
> asexual character, perhaps in a romantic relationship or found family relationship and learning that that's not only 'okay' or 'fine' but fantastic and wonderful
> ladies team up
> Nebula and Gamora, galatic sisters
> Clint Barton collects strays
> I would like there to be more Clint/Natasha/Bucky in the world
> James Barnes is the Russian assassin Clint Barton brings out from the cold and into SHIELD. Natasha Romanoff is the Winter Soldier.
> Laura was a SHIELD Agent before Clint Barton joined up.
> summer camp, theatre company, urban fantasty, any excuse for a colourful cast of found family
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