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fannish updates

> Caught up with the be_compromised summer promptathon today. There's a great bunch of fics once again this year!

> bluemeridian has posted a rec list of happy-making things HERE that I'm working my way through tonight. I LOVE the Hawkeyes (Fraction) and Martian vids! Now onwards to the wordy things.

> Which has reminded me to check out this year's Vividcon. I found a handy database here. I'm in a vid mood it seems, so if you have recs you'd like to share then be my guest :)

> I have managed to finish a fic and am close to finishing a handful more. This would be great, except I have an awkward habit at the moment of working on a bunch at once, adding words to one until I stall and then moving onto the next and cycling back 'round again. So the fic I've finished? Is part five of the demon AU series but parts three and four aren't quite complete lol. Another that's close to being done is a how Clint and Jess met that's set prior to a much longer Clint/Nat fic in which Clint and Jess have been broken up for a while. Um. Oops?

> I'm hoping to finally see Spiderman: Homecoming tomorrow, yay!

> Finished watching The Bridge this week, which had me on the edge of my seat. My hat is off to the actor who plays Saga; fascinating to watch a non-neuro typical female lead character, who has a job as a competent police officer and navigates relationships, and it's just so well done. I also caved and bought American Gods even though I take forever to watch things and it will probably decrease in price by the time I get chance, because American Gods!

> I make up for my slow watching of tv and films with speedy reading though. Which reminds me that I need to update goodreads again...

> Any fic/vid/graphic/other recs that are happy or amusing? I think it's a good time for them.
Tags: recs that aren't fic, recs: all, recs: avengers, recs: the martian, writing updates/chatter

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