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11 November 2007 @ 01:26 am
Half A Smile  
Half A Smile 

A short X Men ficlet written 10/06/06 about Nightcrawler.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: the X Men franchise belongs to Marvel and Fox.

Half A Smile

I smiled. After all, that is what one is supposed to do when one meets a new person, yes? So I smile and pretend that the new person is smiling back, even if they are flinching away from me, recoiling in horror or disgust or just do not know where to put their eyes. This one blinks and looks for a long time before she forces a smile. I know that she is forcing it because Ororo is stood next to her and she is not looking happy until the new girl is smiling back, however small that smile is.

I know Ororo does not like it when people do not smile at me straight away, but I do not blame them. When I look in the mirror I do not smile at myself. Yet God said that we are to do unto others as we would have done unto us.

I would like it if when a new person met me that they would smile at me.

The loud girl who is always chewing her gum says that if when I smiled I did not show so much teeth then people would smile back more often. I suppose it is because my teeth are not like the teeth of other people. They are a little yellow and pointier, but they are not so much different from the teeth of other people as the rest of me is so different from other people.

Other people are not blue. They do not have tails. They do not have yellow eyes. They do not disappear as if by magic in a puff of smoke. They do not have three fingers. They do not look like me.

I have met a women who is blue and who has the yellow eyes, but she did not smile at me. I do not think that she was a smiling person, so I showed my teeth when I smiled at her, because I did not think that she would smile back anyway and I wanted to show her how happy I was to meet someone who looked more like me than the other people that I have met.

So I do not know why showing my teeth would make someone not smile at me if they were going to smile at me anyway. If I was a new person meeting someone I would want them to smile with their teeth. If someone smiles with their teeth it means that they like you more, that they are more pleased to see you, yes?

I would like people to be pleased to see me.

But I would like other people to listen to my advice too. To do unto others as I would have done unto me I listen to the advice of the girl who has the gum and I do not show my teeth when I smile. And this new person, she smiles back, even if it is with Ororo standing next to her.

I try very hard then to stop myself from smiling with my teeth, because I am very happy, but I do not want to scare the new person and stop them from smiling, so I have control over myself.

I smile with all of my teeth on the inside.

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