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Fic: State Your Emergency

So I wrote a Clint Barton thing for Infinity War, trying to get a bit of it out of my head. I think there's probably going to be a pile of fics in a similiar vein, but I haven't read any IW fics yet. I've been reading and re-reading older fic later instead. Although if someone has written anything about the two years relationship of Wanda and Vision between Civil War and IW yet or any other filling in the gaps or anything hopeful, I'd love recs.

Title: State Your Emergency
Rating/Warnings: Teen and Up (f-word level swearing, non-graphic injury, emotions - full warnings with spoilers in the end note on AO3)
Word Count: 2800
Summary: A post-post credit Clint Barton scene for Infinity War. SPOILERS.
Author Note: with thanks to [personal profile] alphaflyer for beta reading and telling me to include more angst!

LINK TO FIC: Clint’s weaving in and out of New York traffic on a motorbike with his gear hidden in a food delivery cooler-backpack thing when it happens...
Tags: fanfiction: all, fanfiction: avengers
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