November 27th, 2007

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Skeeter and Stories

Today I finally got around to answering some emails, including one to a friend of mine who shares my taste in books.  Last year I converted him to Terry Pratchett and he's just finished reading The Truth (which has reformed vampires and potato religions and  humorous vegetables).  In true fan fashion we then mentioned all the times we could think of when fun characters from The Truth turned up in other Discworld books, with much 'squee' and 'lol'.

Then came the Midnight Hour accompanied once again by a Strange Idea, this time in the form of an insistent plot bunny for journalism in the Harry Potter 'verse.  (Rita Skeeter was not sure that she agreed with William de Worde's idea of truth in journalism and Hermione frowned at the idea of journalists descending after the war.)

So, with warnings for Capital Letters, some swearing and Quick Quotes Quills I present you with fic:

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