January 27th, 2008

hp:luna believesinmagic

Conversations in Asda and Creatures

inksplotched recently gave me a mental image of Bellatrix in Asda, which made me wonder if people could choose one character from the Potter verse to have a casual conversation with in a shopping centre, who would it be?


I think I’d choose Luna, because she comes out with some of the best lines in the books and I’m sure she’d find something interesting to say, maybe about a food conspiracy.  Or Florean Fortescue so he could tell me the best ice cream to buy.


And storytime:
(Edit: with the story not being about Luna in Asda)


Rating: PG

Length: 2,570 words

A/N: With thanks to raisinous_fiend for beta-ing, any remaing mistakes are mine.

Summary: Luna nods and smiles, because Mum always understands these things.


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