February 8th, 2008

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Story updates

The Valentine's fic is finished.  I was going to write my first peice of smut, instead I wrote a friendship fic about Ginny, Luna and cake.  But it's actually finished and it has cake, so not all bad.  First line: Ginny Weasley was not a fan of Valentine's Day.

A one-shot set in the Slytherin Common Room just after the Inquisitorial Squad has been formed is turning into a series of one-shots, a moment in the Common Room for every year.  I've written years five and six, so I'll have to backtrack to their first year if I want to post any of it sometime soon. Spoiler piece of Pansy dialogue: "Tormenting. Potter. Two words, Draco, which describe your life."

For February's
[info]omniocular challenge I'm trying to write a Harry Potter story that involves elements of the film 'Dogma', or is somehow linked to that film by a quote, it's title etc.  This one isn't going very well.  It has plot holes larger than the story, so I think I might have to chuck that one in the bin and start over.

There's a story about Charlie's first year at the dragon reserve on my computer that's made up of snatches of dialogue, random bits of description, a chunk copied and pasted off a Romanian tourist information website and a picture of the Welsh flag.  I don't know when I'm going to get around to finishing that one, but I really want to.  Dialogue-y bit: "Well, I was born
in Wales."  She smirked.  "If other people can obsess over me being Muggleborn then I can obsess over being born Welsh."

And the final piece of fanfiction that I have on the go is a scene set in the Transfigurations verse from Hermione's point of view that looks suspiciously like it might grow into something rather long, and by rather long I mean all the events covered in Transfigurations with all the parts that Pansy wouldn't have known about and then carrying on until the end of the year.  Extract: It was decidedly childish hiding in the library (and it was most definitely hiding, because she was sat on the floor in the Divination section where no one currently in residence at Hogwarts would come searching for a book and certainly not for her), but she felt entitled.

Storytime for today (because I have finished something that you can read now) is a very short piece with me trying out a different style:

Title: Absence Of Light
Rating: PG (for mentions of death)
Length: 455 words
Summary: To keep the light Draco has to go into the dark.


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