February 11th, 2008

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Writer's 'blank'

Hiya to neesha_dreamer, tartanshell and cuban_sombrero !  *waves*

Question time: do you ever suffer not so much from writer's block as writer's 'blank'?

They say write what you know, but a lot of us write what we don't know, especially in fanfiction.  I mean, I would love to have a magic wand and a teacher that could turn into a cat, but nope.  If I'm writing something I'm not familiar usually I just do a bit of research, then try to relate it to something I do know about, so I might not know what it feels like to be missing a leg, for example, but I know what it's like to limp. 

Yet there are some things that I just can't write, maybe because they're so outside my sphere of influence.  I've read some lovely smutty fanfictions (admit it, who hasn't?), but when it comes to romance in my own writing I get up to a bit of groping and then I hit a wall.  I don't think (or at least I really hope) that not all the authors I've read have actually done some of the things they write about, so I wonder if they just don't have that 'blank', or maybe they hit it when they try to write about someone learning to ballet dance...

So, I'm curious, has anyone 'blanked'?

Storytime: A Fred and George ficlet for you, just a bit of fun, only about 300 words and U rating - that's 'universal'. 

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