February 14th, 2008

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Valentine's Fic

Happy Valentine's Day!

To celebrate our college is having a formal in the evening, which is a meal with normal (yucky) college food, but we dress up nice and all eat at the same time, and DUCK hits. DUCK is the Durham University Charittees Kommittee (yes, students can't spell). A DUCK hit is when you give them money (which goes to charity) and they give something to someone else, anonymously. For Valentine's Day there're the option of a rose, milk tray and a baber shop quartet, all given during formal. I like watching the milk try one best - one of the better looking guys in college dresses up in a tux and runs, ducks and rolls around the dining hall like an action man in a film to the Mission Impossible music, like the old milk tray adverts - 'all because the lady loves milk tray'. Yes, Valentine's Day is a commercial ploy, and yes, most of us will wallow in our partner-less sorrow, but I enjoy getting together with a group of friends to Hit on another friend, especially when chocolate is involved :o)

To celebrate in the more virtual world I present you with friendship fic, involving Ginny, the twins and Luna in Ginny's second year at Hogwarts. Enjoy!

Title: Let Them Eat Cake
Rating: PG
Length: 2,090 words 
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