February 18th, 2008

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Ratings and a happy twins ficlet

I was wondering the other day about fic ratings. I tend to label everything I write as PG as a kind of failsafe. In Britain there's U for 'universal' - any age, PG stands for 'parental guidance', then there's 12 - 'don't read/watch if you're under 12', which is Titanic and Pirates of the Caribbean, 15 - 'don't read/watch if you're under 15', which is most CSI episodes, and 18 - 'don't read/watch...you get the point', which is Man on Fire and Lady Chatterly's Lover.  I think I've managed to work out the ratings on ff.net as T being a PG13, which is what PG generally seems to mean in the Harry Potter fandom, but outside ff.net I'm never sure where R and NC17 fall - which one is a higher rating and is NC17 the equivalent of the British 18?

In other news, I signed up for weasley_fest because it looked like fun and the deadline is a lovely long way away. *grins*  I pimp: you should come and sign up to exchange all manner of fics and art with Weasleys in them!

I feel the urge to read Firefly fanfiction (which is completely sugar_fey's fault).

And I bring you more happy Fred and George fic for storytime, rated PG ;o)

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