April 19th, 2008

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happy things

Tomorrow I'm going back to university, which means the horror of packing, followed by unpacking, revision and exams, none of which I'm looking forward to.  In the interests of cheering myself up, then, here is a happy list:


- I managed to meet up with lots of friends that live in the North West over Easter and I'll get to see all my university friends when I get to the North East. :o)


- Two of my stories were nominated in the 2008 Hourglass Awards – Publishable News and Transfigurations.  That someone enjoyed my writing enough to think it deserved being nominated for any kind of award…is just wow.


- My sister came back from a week away with her college and she brought me a gift.  I am now the proud owner of a pottery cow wearing a blue jumper (because, apparently, I like cows).


Also, books I have read over the Easter break, because books are happy things:


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What are on everyone else's happy lists at the moment?
And, to everyone going back to/gone back to university/college/school after the break - best of luck for this term!