May 8th, 2008

girl writing b&w

Smiling at Strangers

Revision, I have decided, is never-ending not only because it's as boring as boring can be and I procrastinate so much that I never actually reach the end of it, but because it's like filling a sieve.  I pour stuff in there and it leaks out within hours, minutes even, so I decided to take a walk today, attempting to plug some of my brain-holes with sunshine and trees and nature things.

Now, I have this thing where if I'm walking down a street and someone comes walking towards me and our eyes meet I smile at them, because it's better than that awkward moment where you hurriedly look away and pretend not to see each other.  Also, because hardly anyone ever smiles back and it's like waiting for there to finally be a case of lupus on House, M.D. (the TV show) or the college canteen to give us nice food - when it finally happens excitement ensues.

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