July 7th, 2008

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Prince Caspian and Narnia icons

I finally saw Prince Caspian, which reminded me how much I enjoyed the Narnia books way back when. I enjoyed it, as did my sister and our mum, and I fell in love with Reepicheep all over again.

A funny thought, with spoilers, for those of you who remember the moonwalking bear advert , that I would make into a fan vid of some kind if I could:

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And I bring you icons! Six are from the first film and 37 are from Prince Caspian, including a bunch of text-only icons with quotes from the film.

Sample icons:

I still haven't had time to learn Photoshop properly, so all text and effects are from Picnik. Textures are from Appendix Squared, Mullally, sanami, and neodistrict.  Please comment and credit! :o)

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