October 17th, 2008

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Friday Fic Recs

Most people are busy during the week and get their fic doses at the weekend, but at the moment I'm the other way around. I thought, then, that I'd try and share some of the best fics, or at least my favourite fics, of the ones I've read during the week so I can contribute to the fic dosage. :o)

This week has been mostly Harry Potter, so I bring you:

20 Facts About Neville Longbottom by nopejr
1,314 words, 12+
The twenty facts in question tell Neville's story from the end of Deathly Hallows to the epilogue, all those years later. The telling of it is brilliant and all the people within it are wonderfully in character.
Quote (first line): Really, it was just like dead-heading (ha ha) the Dragon-roses.

The Year of Driving Languorously by enderxenocide
2,193 words, R, warnings for AU after HPB, threesomes, grave robbing, and petty theft
A trio story with a Horcrux hunt. I really liked the feel/atmosphere of this story, and the details - all Horcrux hunts should involve post-it notes.
Quote: It takes them all afternoon to pack, as Hermione insists that they keep track of all of the books, potion ingredients, and detectors that they are borrowing (stealing, Ron corrects).

L'Effet by margottenenbaum</lj>
approx. 4000 words, PG13
It's always nice to read stories about Slytherins that show them as neither good nor evil, but people. This is a fantastic Pansy-Draco friendship fic, wonderfully written and rich with details, and the last three lines are perfect.
Quote: She doesn’t want to go to the ball, but Draco makes her. He wears black robes with a lovely mandarin collar and tapered sleeves; he looks unfortunately like a vampire.