November 4th, 2008

girl writing b&w

(nano word count 8159)

So, I'm curious: how do people choose names for their characters?

I tend to like getting an idea of what a character of a certain age and country might use, by looking on name websites, in baby name books, year books, that kind of thing.  Then I choose a few that sound like the idea of that character I have in my head and look up the meaning of the name to sit which fits.  Very rarely do I know what the name of a character is straight away, much like very rarely do I know what title I'm going to give a story until I've finished writing it.

I had a NaNoWriMo character who I had down as Sam.  Today I consistently wrote him as Simon for four pages before noticing what I was doing.  I have no idea what 'Simon' means yet, I'm in no way fond of the name, and yet I can't think of him being called anything else now.  This is indeed a month of writing strangeness.

PS. I was thinking about staying up to find out the results of the US election, which would mean staying awake until 4am for the unofficial result and 6am for the official, but then I realised I could just sleep for six hours whilst I was waiting. *grins*