December 19th, 2008

girl writing b&w

'welcome to 2008'

I have had a fair few train journeys lately.  Whilst on one such journey I wondered what this random 'Pottercast' thing was that I seemed to have downloaded onto my ipod and ended up listening to the first podcast of 2008, which was amusing in and of itself.  Having listening to a few more I found myself wondering about this thing called 'Wizard Rock', which I'd heard of but never actually listened to.  One thing lead to another, as it so often does, and 'Jingle Spells 2' is now (the first and only Christmas type music) on my ipod.

I feel as if I've reached an important milestone: read all seven books, attend midnight release, watch films, read and write fanfiction/admire and make art/icons, listen to podcasts, listen to Wizard Rock, stalk JK Rowling...

Dear fandom,
You own my soul.
Much amusement, Me