March 6th, 2009

girl writing b&w

Things deserving of exclaimation marks

Thank you to hotarus_sister and hpuckle for the birthday wishes!

And the lovely sugar_fey wrote me fic! Fic with wonderful Washly narrative! Under the Affluence is Wash/Zoe, three times Wash and Zoe were short of cash and one time they weren't. The link goes to a G-rated part one of what is going to be an overall R-rated four part story - which means even more Washly narrative is on the way, wooo!

Have you read and voted at fwhg_ldws this week? There's a fair bit of angst with a pinch of humour and it's down to the best writers - enjoy the fic and join in the struggle to choose between them!


Read and vote here at fwhg_ldws</lj>.

And there are fun things on the horizon:

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