March 15th, 2009


Who watches the Watchmen?

A non-spoiler review of 'Watchmen', the film.  Please put a spoiler warning in the header of any comments that contain spoilers, so as not to be ruining anything for people who haven't seen it. :o)

So, yesterday I went to the pictures with a friend to see Watchmen.  Funnily enough, even though I've read the graphic novel, the fact that there is violence and sexual content in this story slipped my mind until I spotted that it is in fact an 18, but if you've read the graphic novel the film isn't as bad.  Trailer can be seen here.

There were cheesy moments and some cringe-worthy costumes, but then the fact that the costumes were cringe-worthy is kind of one of the points of the story, I think.  The music choices were brave, sometimes making the cheesy bits even cheesier, but at other times making the film very much 'wow'.  The fight scenes are great and the special effects are, as I tend to expect from modern films, spot on.

I confess, the reason why I found myself really enjoying this film though was the story.  I loved the story when it was in graphic novel form and I loved it all over again here.  Some scenes and frames could have been taken right out of the novel, but then other parts were missing, although there were some little hints for people who had read the novel, and there was one major change in the 'how' of the grand plot.  Yet I actually liked that change and enjoyed the spin it put on the rest of the story.  The characters all looked and acted how I'd imagined, although Ozymandias was a bit more scholarly, even though that did raise more of a connection with Alexander the Great, and Rorschach was fantastic.  But it was the story that got me.  And I am still in love with the ending.

(And, after seeing the shiny trailer, I am very much looking forward to the X-Men Origins: Wolverine film.)