March 1st, 2011

girl reading

big fat fantasy books make my day

After a long (but worthwhile, I'm certain) The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss was finally released today. I walked into town at lunch, because if you've waited this long for a book this wonderful it's got to be bought as soon as can be. Really it ought to be read straight away as well, but if I start I won't stop and I have work tomorrow. My copy is 994 pages. I could attempt to read it in seven hours, but I don't think I'd manage it and I certainly wouldn't be at all with it tomorrow, but oh the temptation!

(I have no 'tempted' mood icon type thing. Why is this?)

The last book I read was Kathy Reich's Mortal Remains (or Spider Bones in the US - what's with the confusing name changes?). I thought it was far from her best book, my favourite being Grave Secrets, but it had it's moments.

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In non-bookish news, I've been watching episodes of an old BBC show called The Good Life with my mum. Always makes me smile.