March 18th, 2011

girl writing b&w

today is a giving day

If you're in the UK, hope you've been doing 'something funny for money' for Red Nose Day 2011. Don't forget to switch on the TV for fun things like a new Doctor Who snippet and a chance to donate.

I'd also like to point to a couple of LJ events aimed at helping those in Japan, for those who've not already seen them. The first is Write For Relief where people are offering donations for prompts of 1,000 words of fic to be filled. I've promised some Firefly. (Jayne/River so we'll see how that goes. Anyone want to offer money for a Wash/Zoe prompt?)

And a place where you can make offers and others bid:

I find I don't have much to say about the events in Japan. Like a lot of nature's acts it leaves me pretty much speechless. One thing though: I keep reading that it's difficult for people to take in the size of this disaster and that the numbers are something we can't wrap our heads around. I can't disagree. I do, however, believe people's hearts are more than capable.