October 14th, 2011

girl reading

things of fantastic

These have probably been recommended all over the place, but they're so damn good I feel I have to add my recommendations to the pile, on the off-chance that there is anyone on my f-list that hasn't read them. You should. They are made of fantastic.

A Girl Needs A Gun These Days by vialethe is a Firefly fic that focuses on the women of Serenity saving the day, which is not surprising seeing as it was written for girlsavesboyfic. It does so in style! The interactions between everyone are spot on, it reads like an episode, and there are so many wonderful details thrown in. I loved this. I want to see this Zoe and River in action more often! Add assertive Kaylee, clever Inara, a touch of Saffron, and shake.

Ceci n'est plus qu'un conte de fée by is a beautiful Dr Who piece (spoilers for all aired episodes by the way) about River and the Doctor, and Rory and Amy, and fairytales. The writing and style are exquisite and the characterisations are brilliant. I especially love Rory's part in this and River constructing herself through her choices.

And two Harry Potter fics: 'til the water runs clear by flower_carnage and try and hide the night by tosca1390, which are both, put simply, about the next-gen kids finding out about the war and trying to get their families to open up about it. Put better, they're about families, communication, how the past informs the future, and change. The first one is Scorpius Malfoy and the second is the Potters, although specifically James. I love group interactions and family dynamics in fics, but these are particularly great at that.

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