October 28th, 2011

meme frame

hello out there

Working on some fic and icons. In the mean time: meme!

I've only really started being online again with any regularity this past month or so - a plus side to being back at university is definitely the internet connection - and it'd be nice to get chatting with people on lj again :)

1. Post a general question in a comment to this entry. (Anything, from 'What's your favorite color?' or 'What color are your shoes?' to fandom questions or otherwise)
2. In order to be able to post a question, however you MUST answer at least one of the other questions already posted. (If you don't, the trained ninjas will have to open a can of kickarse.)
3. Ask and answer all the questions you want! Don't limit yourself to one. (The more the better!)
(4. Pimp-able meme.)

PS I don't have chatty, talkative, or friendly in my mood theme. Meh. Oh well, I'll go with flirty then!
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