November 3rd, 2011


Fic: Live In Hope

This was written for comment_fic today, but it actually exceeds the comment box word limit (oops, good job they're not strict about that) so I'm sticking it here. It's for mahmfic who keeps leaving brilliant prompts. Shame I can't write them all, but I'd love to read them if anyone else feels like heading over there... I live in hope ;)

Title: Live In Hope
Rating/Warnings: PG13, swearing and minor character death
Length: 1920 words
Summary: Tosh had been chosen by Torchwood and they had used any means necessary to keep her.
Author Note: written as a comment_fic for the prompt Torchwood, Team, Tosh is the immortal leader, Jack is the teaboy, Ianto is the doctor, Gwen is the computer whiz and Owen is the police constable

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