November 9th, 2011

bubbles and hearts

fic recs of wonderful

I made an attempt at catching up on the goodness that appeared on the nets recently. Some of the wonderful I found, let me share it with you:

Christmas Eve with the Ponds by dqbunny Doctor Who (T, 3241 words)
Summary: Because it was their second Christmas as a married couple, Amy and Rory told their families they preferred to spend Christmas Eve on their own. They decided to omit the part where they were spending the holiday with their adult daughter and her husband.

I was going to save this and read it later, because i'm in denial that Christmas is on the way, but i'm so very glad that I didn't wait. This has hilarity, crazy Monopoly, sexy times, and is just full of wonderful. (Rory especially shined for me.)

Women in Western Political Thought by such_heights Doctor Who AU (1500 words, no rating but I'd say PG or lower)
Summary: In which Amy and Rory are philosophy MA students and Amy is into student politics. Featuring lots of other New Who characters.

If anyone hasn't read this yet, go forth and read in awe. The graphic at the end is prettyful as well.

Speechless by anonymous (? I couldn't find reveals) Harry Potter (R, one shot)
Summary: Can a heart be put back together?

This is something a bit different - prose that reads like poetry. It's Draco and Ginny in the ten years after the war is over and the story is interesting, but it was the beautiful writing that stole my heart.

Stranger Things by akissinacrisis Harry Potter (15, 5800 words)
Summary: Wars make people do mad things. But if Seamus ever finds out about this, he’s dead. Dean and Luna, throughout Deathly Hallows. Charcoal, driftwood and fishfingers abound.

This slots into canon perfectly, the characterisation and the feelings running throughout this are spot on, and Dean's voice brings it to life in a style all his own.