November 19th, 2011

dr who:hello sexy

Saturday smiles

Has anyone not seen the Doctor Who clip from Children in Need last night complete with clip from the upcoming Christmas Special? No? Naked Doctor this way.

Letters From an Unhinged Mind by rollingstone (Doctor Who, U, 395 words) in which the Fourth Doctor (but it doesn't really matter which Doctor) apologies to to Obi-Wan Kenobi and gets annoyed about stolen jellybabies made me laugh today.

And I've slowly but surely been hunting down a lot of old links that were lost when I changed to my new laptop. Much to my disappointment I can't seem to recover a pile of them. Imagine then my delight on finding my favourite Firefly rec list was in my LJ memories. I forgot about those! So, a reminder for you all that it exists as well because there's some fantastic fics on there.

Edit for extra smiles: a smiley Kaylee and Inara friendship vid to the tune of Suddenly I See and a Wash/Zoe vid with a summary of ripping each other's clothes in a most peculiar way, both by purplefringe on dreamwidth.

Happy Saturday!