January 3rd, 2012

girl reading

Big Book List 2011

Well I guess that's 2011 done and here's Twenty Twelve - Happy New Year folks!

Here's my big book list for last year. As ever, I love to chat about ones that you've read too or tell people more to make them want to read a book that they haven't yet. Books are love :)

Fantastic = the best of the best. The ones that I felt the urge to tell everyone bout, multiple times, including strangers on the bus. The ones that I bought other people because I had to share. The ones that I really, really enjoyed.
Great = the best of the rest. Books that I would reread, or lodged themselves in my head so thoroughly that rereading might be redundant.
Good = books that I enjoyed, but since book-lovers can't afford everything these ones you could save your money on and find them in the library.
Okay = books are books and therefore wonderful, but I can't help feeling that these ones could have been better.
The Bottom of the Pile = well if you have nothing else to read

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