February 8th, 2012

F:kaylee shiny

and on the internets this week...

I wrote a Torchwood/Firefly crossover for the Post-Christmas Blues fest at torchwood_fest in which long after the events of Miracle Day and some time after Serenity (the film) Jack hires the crew of Serenity to do a job for Torchwood Tweleve: Moments; Singular. It's an adult rating (for sexing, swearing, and people shooting at each other) so it had to be member-locked I'm afraid, but I'll be archiving it on here at the end of the fest if you don't have member access over there. There are lots of lovely crossovers happening and none of the others are a high enough rating to be locked yet, so take a look!

(I am not used to being the person with the high rating, especially considering compared to a lot of the stuff I read online what i've written is, well, tame. I don't know whether to feel proud or corupted lol.)

I haven't seen Thor or Captain America yet and I really need to because The Avengers is on the way! Having not seen all three I have still already started reading Avengers fanfic.

Ready, Fire, Aim by gyzym, along with the sequel Situation Normal: All Fucked Up are glorious stories with hilarity and touching moments and eventual Steve/Tony. The summary is There is no "I" in "Avenger". Steve and Tony don't get along at first, but things start to get better, especially after the Avengers end up moving into Tony's New York mansion. I have much love for the way every character is written in these. There's also Momentum, which is Ready, Fire, Aim from Steve's point of view. They're long, but oh so enjoyable.

And I am watching far too many fanvids. these are the days (of miracles and wonder) by kaydeefalls is X Men love. Suddenly I See by kuwdora is the girls of Castle and Castle's admiration of them. You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate by Settiai is a fun Doctor Who Amy and Rory vid of brilliance. And Dwell in thee by catminolte is an incredibly beautiful 'The Girl Who Waited' (Doctor Who) vid.

Must hunt down more vids now. Happy Wednesday all!