April 21st, 2012

hp:gof friends

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So I missed that Pottermore is now open to everyone. I was tempted before when the call went out for betas, but my work load is too big to properly play around on it. Now though not only does it seem like everyone online has joined but I have offline friends that have joined! So I've been a sheep and joined too ;) I'm JinxFloo28342 if anyone would like to add me (or wonders who is trying to add them) and I'm a Slytherin. I aimed for Hufflepuff, but I think I liked forests too much, heh. So far it reminds me a lot of JK's website with the same fun animation. I like the extra information, although I do wish we had gotten the encyclopedia.

Rec is appropriate: We're Going Back Where We Belong by Luthien3333