May 29th, 2012

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Fic: The Child Takers

Title: The Child Takers
Rating/Warnings: 15/R (to be safe, darker than my usual), highlight to view warnings, tell me if I’ve missed any or have been unclear: *child abuse, murder, violent murder, murder of children, things that explode out of people (aliens), implied rape, implied underage sex, implied sex as a means to get close and kill someone, vampires, possible desire to commit suicide, massacre*
Length: 1,820 words
Summary: They come in the night, the takers of children. A story about darkness and monsters. A story about the people that try to take Natasha away and the one person who finally does.
Fandoms: Highlight to view all: Avengers/*Sandman/Doctor Who/Angel characters being Natasha; Cain, Abel and Dream; Eleven; Darla and Drusilla*

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Consider Yourself Challenged

Back in December sugar_fey started a discussion about virginity. Society and the media create a lot of expectations about people’s ‘first time’, that it’ll either by magical with singing choirs as you reach a simultaneous climax, or that it’ll be absolutely horrible and you’ll regret it forever. I pointed out that the only middle ground portrayals that I’d ever read in fanfiction and that even there it’s a rare breed. “Someone should do a ‘first time’ or ‘first experiences’ with reality challenge,” I said, and so here we are.

Let’s talk virginity: is it only officially a first time when there’s intercourse or is it just the first time you actually get naked and vulnerable with another person? If you have a ‘first time’ with one gender, do you get a second first time with another? What is a first sexual experience anyway? And does it even matter? Is it all just labels? Society puts a value on virginity, both keeping and losing it, but if virginity is the fact that you haven’t had a first time experience yet, and it’s your first time experience, than how can you ‘give’ or ‘lose’ that anyway?

So here’s the challenge: write a ‘first time’, any kind of first time, and make it realistic. Open up the debate around virginity or just showcase the many different types of first experiences that people can have.

This is for any fandom, any character/s, any interpretations that you like. You can leave prompts in comments to this post and prompts can be filled multiple times. Or you don’t have to provide or use a prompt, just write whatever you like. Please comment with fics or links to fics on this post. There’s no real deadline, but I aim to start posting a masterlist on July 1st.

If your fic is in the comments, please put a rating in the comment heading and warn appropriately before the start of the fic. If a link to your fic is in the comments, please include appropriate ratings and warnings in your fic header. If you’re worried about spoilers take a look here at how to white things out.

Do spread the news if you’d like to read more of these kinds of fics and I’m looking forward to reading what everyone comes up with!

EDIT: Dicussion of the challenge and relevant fic recs very welcome here.

EDIT: We have a Masterlist HERE. The Challenge is still open and ongoing!